Charming Asshole

Sam Crescent; Stacey Espino
Charming Asshole
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
July 2017
Book 3 of Killer of Kings
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

He's a killer. She's raising his son. He's coming back for both of them.

June's used to living life in survival mode. With no family support or husband, it's been up to her to raise her ten-year-old son on her own. It's not easy, especially when she has a living reminder of the only man she ever loved. But that asshole walked out on her without warning, leaving her brokenhearted and pregnant. When he reappears back into her life a decade later, she's no longer a naive young girl, and not ready to throw herself into his arms—no matter how tempting that might be.

Killian's biggest regret in life is falling in love on the job. It wasn't supposed to happen, and the only honorable thing he could do was walk away. Everything he'd told June was a lie, and she deserved better than a hitman for hire. When they cross paths years later, he's blindsided when he discovers he's a father. It's a challenge to earn June's love and trust after the lies and disappearing act, but he's not letting her go this time. He'll prove to her in more ways than one that she's his woman. When an unknown threat puts a hit out on Killian's new family, the Irish assassin is ready to send them all to hell in the name of love.

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Aug 25, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Hired assasin Killian gets a renewed purpose in life when he returns to his past and discovers the love of his life along with a special surprise.

in CHARMING ASSHOLE, book three in the Killer of Kings series, authors Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino team up for another interesting and super-hot installment.

Before Killian and June can have a happily ever after, there's some old business that has to be handled -- business that could very well mean death. In the meantime, there's more than enough scorching hot interludes to heat up an e-reader.

An unexpected plot twist delivers a villain that challenges Killian's moral code, forcing him to take action in order to create a future with his new family.
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