Love Sexy

Stormy Glenn
Love Sexy
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Book 3 of True Blood Mates
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Logan Stone lives a lonely existence as the beta of his wolf clan. It's his job to protect his people and follow out the orders of his alpha. That doesn't leave much time to find a mate or fill the empty hole in his heart. When he spots a set of sexy eyes staring at him during the moon festival, Logan knows he has met his mate.

Finding Love Star is not as easy as keeping him. Love may be fascinated by all things wolf but when Logan goes feral during their mating, Love runs for his life. Logan has to call for help to find Love, only discover his mate is hiding right under his nose at the Stone Clan compound.

Instead of convincing Love of the merits of being mated to a wolf, Logan has to depend on Love to protect himself even as he tries to shield the man from the dangerous world he has just entered. If they survive the interference of well meaning friends and a coyote shifter bent on killing Love, they just might have a chance of finding out what fate has planned for them.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jun 21, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I am normally a big fan of Stormy Glenn, and while I liked this book, the inconsistencies, spelling errors and character name confusion made it hard to read. LOVE SEXY is the third book in the True Blood Mates series and rules that were established in the first book no longer seemed to exist in this one.

Love Starr is a free spirit with an unusual obsession with wolves; he is a human who likes to wear ears and a tail. He is high maintenance all the way from his product infused spiky hair to his oral fixation with lollipops. He is completely likable and totally annoying.

Logan Stone is the beta wolf of his pack and has his hands full keeping the Alpha and the Alpha-mate safe. He doesn't have the time or the patience to deal with someone like Love even if he is his mate. In his hurry to claim Love and get on with the rest of his life, he loses control of his wolf and goes feral, scaring his mate so badly that Love runs from him.

Love knows he has made some bad judgment calls in the past when hooking up, but this time there is seriously something wrong with the guy. Not trusting what he saw, he runs to the one place he knows he is safe, his best friend Matt's house. Thinking he is safe and not realizing that Logan is Matt's uncle, Love goes to sleep only to awaken and find himself in bed with the man.

For someone who wasn't sure he wanted to be mated in the first place, Logan is frantic to find Love. After some searching and realizing that his mate is safe at his brother's house, he knows he has a lot of explaining to do and hopes he can convince his mate that he won't hurt him and to stay. Love isn't going to make it easy for him either.

Just when the two come together and decide to try and work things out, they are kidnapped by coyotes and don't know if they will escape alive.

Logan's character drove me crazy at first because of how judgmental and dismissive he is of Love. His growth and acceptance of his mate was one of the high points of this book. Love's character, while annoying at times, was so very funny it was easy to overlook his whining. When Love goes all protective over Logan to the point of threatening other people to keep him safe, I thought it was priceless.

One thing I really like about Ms. Glenn's books, are her strong secondary characters and the way that she can bring back past characters while still focusing on the main protagonists. The introduction of the coyotes gives us a new villain and set up possible plot lines for the next book in the series. While not one of her stronger books, it was still a good addition to the series and had me looking forward to the next installment. So if you like a fast paced story with lots of hot sex, and oh yeah a little surprise twist, then LOVE SEXY will be a fun read for you.
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