When in Rome: Lydia's Misadventures on Location Cause Problems for Charlie and Their

Sigrid Katrinsdatter
When in Rome: Lydia's Misadventures on Location Cause Problems for Charlie and Their

Release Date
August 2017
Book 12 of The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series
BDSM, Chick-lit, Erotic Romance

Lydia and Craig join Charlie for another location shoot, this time in Rome, Italy, and they settle down to life in a well-appointed, rented villa. But Lydia soon gets crosswise of Charlie on safety issues, ranging from her inability to handle their family guard dog to her not being a proficient swimmer. Both problem behaviors are covered in their spanking contract, and Lydia's misbehavior -- however well-intentioned -- once again forces Charlie to deal with her with a firm hand, or risk having Lydia and he himself lose respect for him, should he fail to enforce boundaries they've set and to which each has agreed. NOTE: This book contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity, domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, anal sex and anal discipline. If such scenes offend you or trigger you, please do not purchase this book. In addition, the series is also about two young, devoted married people growing and maturing together over the course of multiple story lines; they are flawed, loving, devoted human beings, and therefore make mistakes they try to correct. If you are looking for perfect people, look elsewhere. Finally, please note: Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is unintended and coincidental.


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