Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community

Kelly Ferrall
Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community


Kelly Ferrall
Release Date
August 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Non-fiction

IT professional turned author Kelly Ferrall takes readers on a shocking and tantalizing tour of the underground subculture that is the BDSM/Fetish community. Part memoir, part expose', and part "how to" book, Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community is a story of erotic exploration, fellowship and drama. While searching for the sexual submissive that is the ideal yen to his deviant yang, Ferrall stumbles over a mine field of tricky protocol and elaborate etiquette. He also learns new techniques for entertaining his partners and increasing his confidence, while simultaneously experiencing unwelcome advances, witnessing severe breaches of trust and even making some poor choices of his own.

Ignite35 is for three types of people: those who are curious, but want to avoid the reality of investigating the lifestyle firsthand, those looking to enter the lifestyle and those who have been through it. There are no naive coeds or lonely housewives, no wicked billionaires or lustful cowboys. This is a story about the guy in the office across the hall at work, the girl behind the counter at the bank, the couple that lives down the street... This is the real story of the real world of kink, hidden in plain sight. This is Ignite35: My Life in the Sex Fetish Community.
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