Tell Me You Want Me

Amelia James
Tell Me You Want Me
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Evolved Publishing LLC
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance

"I can give you exactly what you're asking for, Janie, and I can give it to you all night long."

Their first kiss is impulsive, fun, a little wicked-everything Jane Elliot isn't looking for in a man-but desperately needs. Their second kiss is slow, deliberate, an instant connection-everything Austin Sinclair never had with a woman-and doesn't want.

Jane isn't the easy conquest Austin's used to. She's a stubborn-as-hell bookworm who's more interested in studying than dating. She needs a little-no-a lot of fun in her life, and Austin's just the guy who can give it to her. Too bad she thinks love should easy. Too bad Austin knows it isn't.

Everybody told her to stay away from the heartbreaker, but Jane knows there's more to Austin than full-body contact kisses and bad boy charm. All he ever promised her was a good time and wow, does he ever deliver.

**Second Edition: June 25, 2012

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Aug 20, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's not every day that a book can deal with the best and the worst parts of a budding relationship, and do it in such an unforgettable fashion. I lost most of the night's sleep with this book and can honestly say that it was absolutely worth it to read such a great story.

From the time he was a child, Austin has not believed in love. The total destruction of his parents' marriage and the memory of his mother's heartbreak at his philandering father's hands spoiled him for a real relationship. Luckily for him, his charm and devastating smile means that he can have his pick of girls at Bayfield College—girls who know that he will never lie to them and will never commit to a long-term relationship with any of them.

Until Austin meets Jane Elliot. Though she isn't nearly as glamorous as the girls he is used to and the fact that he barely remembers her name, Jane seems to be the only person Austin can think about. She refuses to accept his glib lines and seems to see right through all the excuses that Austin has told himself in order to justify his behavior. And for some reason he can't yet understand, Austin finds her absolutely irresistible.

Jane can't ignore the fact that Austin is tempting, nor can she help but being flattered by his attentions. She is well aware of his record and is determined not to become nothing more than a notch on his bedpost. But the more time she spends in his company, the more he surprises her. More than just blue eyes and bedroom tricks, Austin is devoted to sports medicine, having realized that he will never make it as a professional quarterback. He is lonely, and his relationship with his father is even more complicated than Jane's with her own mother. But if the spark between them has any chance at all, both of them are going to have to make some very difficult choices, and painful realization, both about themselves and what love really means.

Jane and Austin (yup, I got the reference, too!) are a superb couple. I'm usually not one for reformed philanderers, but Austin won my heart in a matter of a few paragraphs. His honesty with Jane about their relationship and his theories on love were a little shocking, but only because he had the guts to say them—and because of all the truths that he was hiding from himself in the process. It took a very strong, very determined lady to get through to him, and I was incredibly proud of Jane for being that woman. Even when faced with heartbreak, she refused to curl up and give in. The chemistry between the two of them nearly made my computer ignite (it was difficult at times to remember that they were still college undergrads!), but the heart and the trust that went into their relationship was really the heart and soul of this book.

And it wasn't always easy. This was the first time in a while that I have actually started yelling at the characters in the middle of a scene. I was livid with Austin at several points during the course of the story and his father's comments, almost caricature-like at times in their chauvinistic tone, made my stomach turn. But isn't that the mark of a good story—characters that elicit a physical reaction from their readers?

The supporting cast was very interesting as well, most notably, Jane's roommate, Sarah. Her reaction to Austin, and to Jane's relationship with him was quite a surprise, and I think there is quite a bit of interesting material here to make up the promised follow-up to this book, where Sarah gets the lead role.

It is a rare book that can make me so angry and still so happy, that can come so close to breaking my heart and can still make it go all a-twitter. This is one of them. While a great deal of fun, there is a great deal of serious thought that went into this story. While it did feel that some of the action was condensed for the purposes of the story, it didn't take away from the great characters, the genuine feeling and the great sense of humor that made up this story. I loved it and can't wait for the next book to arrive!
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