The Devil's Luck

Eris Adderly
The Devil's Luck


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September 2015
Book 1 of The Skull & Crossbone Romances
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Ménage or more

Lust and discovery, betrayal and secrets in the age of sail.

Oh yes, and pirates. Dirty, dirty pirates.

Travel back to the Golden Age of Piracy where bodices were ripped, timbers were shivered, and we all pretend, for the sake of naughty books, that hygiene was a great deal better than it was.

A new life beckons to Hannah Collingwood from the Colonies: an opportunity to leave behind the house she shared with her late husband and trade every other dismal, tired thing she knows for some measure of discovery, excitement. As soon as The Mourning Dove sails from Bristol with Hannah on it, her life can begin again.

Edmund Blackburn, notorious captain of The Devil's Luck, and his quartermaster Benjamin Till share everything. Responsibilities. Coin. A smirking contempt for the rule of law. An unexpected lady passenger aboard their ship proves no exception.

Now Hannah faces a new reality: a ship full of Very Bad Men. The sort who do Very Bad Things and expect to get away with it. She doesn't know what's more terrifying: the scandalous demands they make, or the way she begins to counter their knavery with advances of her own.

And the secrets. The ugly, horrible secrets. Blackburn and Till have no idea who they're dealing with, and what the dark consequences might be for all three of them.

Eris Adderly transports you onto the decks of The Devil's Luck and into a dark, world of scoundrels and forbidden desires. Leave your inhibitions ashore: a bounty of pleasure awaits!

Note: this story contains scenes of explicit sexual material, including MFM menage, and is intended for mature readers only.


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