The Right Kind of Rogue

Valerie Bowman
The Right Kind of Rogue
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St. Martin's Press
Release Date
October 2017
Book 8 of Playful Brides
Historical Romance

Can two star-crossed lovers come together—until death do they part?
Viscount Hart Highgate has decided to put his rakish ways behind him and finally get married. He may adore a good brandy or a high-speed carriage race, but he takes his duties as heir to the earldom seriously. Now all he has to do is find the right kind of woman to be his bride—ideally, one who's also well-connected and well-funded. . .
Meg Timmons has loved Hart, the brother of her best friend, ever since she was an awkward, blushing schoolgirl. If only she had a large dowry—or anything to her name at all. Instead, she's from a family that's been locked in a bitter feud with Hart's for years. And now she's approaching her third London season, Meg's chances with him are slim to none. Unless a surprise encounter on a deep, dark night could be enough to spark a rebellious romance. . .for all time?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Sep 26, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've always loved stories where the heroine is in love with her best friend's brother, and THE RIGHT KIND OF ROGUE seems to be that. However, I didn't quite like Meg, the heroine. She's timid and meek (as her mother described) and a bit irritating in that she didn't trust Lucy (her friend whom she asked to matchmake her and Hart) to keep the matchmaking secret from Hart's sister. She only showed some spirit toward the end, and by then it was a little too late.

You may want to pick up this book to form your own opinion about it, especially if you're a series fan. I've heard this book is a long time coming, so maybe series fans would love it.
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