Jigsaw Hearts

Danica Raimz
Jigsaw Hearts


Purzelbaum Ventures
Release Date
January 2017
Book 1 of Awaken My heart
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, New Adult

A young, hardworking, and successful editor/journalist for an arts and entertainment website keeps her haunted childhood behind her as best she can by relying on a handful of obsessive coping mechanisms. Despite the appearance of having it all together, Ren Hayden doesn't do real relationships of any sort, caring only for her criminal stepbrother, Seth, the only person she could ever count on. When Seth inexplicably commits suicide, she is left to deal with Corinne Zabriese--the rather innocent girlfriend he conned, her unique family, and Seth's trail of disturbing messages that follow her around after his death. Worse? Corinne's brother, Galen, comes to Ren's rescue when all her defenses collapse. He sees the real person behind her reserved nature, and while he can't come to terms with his own misplaced guilt, he becomes hellbent on drawing her true nature to the surface. Ren wants nothing to do with his noble nature--except that Galen is the most delicious guy she's ever met from his expressive eyes and amazing physique to the way he teases and taunts her into his arms. As Ren holds Seth's secrets back from Corinne, she feels more and more undeserving of the steamy, beautiful bond she is developing with Galen and the friendships she is forging with his family. She explodes, flinging venom at the family she was growing to love--just as Seth's past is about to catch up with all of them.


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