More Spankings at Dr. Lowry's Office: Lydia's Misbehavior Complicates a Trip to the Apple Farm

Sigrid Katrinsdatter
More Spankings at Dr. Lowry's Office: Lydia's Misbehavior Complicates a Trip to the Apple Farm


Release Date
October 2017
Book 17 of The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series
BDSM, Chick-lit, Erotic Romance

During a visit to Lydia's sister's and brother-in-law's apple farm in Upstate New York, the two women get into a good deal of trouble. While the men run errands in town, the women go beyond harvesting apples with the children, instead removing rotten tree branches they'd each been told to leave alone. Besides which, they get so caught up in their project removing the rotten tree branches, they lose track of the couples' five children. Who wander off and get into a spot of mild trouble themselves. When Sam and Charlie get back to the apple farm, each wife must face an irate husband, intent upon spanking her for misbehavior and defiance involving both the rotten tree limbs and the children wandering off. Sam spanks Ginny at the farmhouse. But Lydia implores Charlie to please find a more private setting. So, they prevail on their psychiatrist friend, Dr. Chris Lowry, for the use of his office two nights in a row. He agrees, and Lydia must face up to being spanked once again at Dr. Lowry's office. As well as having Charlie impose additional discipline because the children got put at risk. Lydia balks at what Charlie suggests for additional discipline, but must ultimately own up to how badly she misbehaved and the fact it merits extra discipline. NOTE: This book contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity, domestic discipline, the spanking(s) of an adult woman, anal sex and anal discipline. IF SUCH SCENES OR THEMES OFFEND OR TRIGGER YOU, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK; IF YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHASE ANYWAY, ACT LIKE A GROWN-UP AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN PERSONAL ATTACKS. In addition, the series is also about two devoted married people growing and maturing together over the course of multiple story lines; they are flawed, loving, devoted human beings, and therefore make mistakes they try to correct. If you are looking for perfect people, look elsewhere. Finally, please note: Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is unintended and coincidental.

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