Tales of the Djinn: The City of Endless Night

Emma Holly
Tales of the Djinn: The City of Endless Night
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Emma Holly
Release Date
October 2017
Book 4 of Tales of the Djinn
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

When your boyfriend is a real live angel other men can't compete.

Amateur magician Georgie swears this is true . . . until she and Connor leave everything they know to help the genie world. That's where she discovers angels don't have a monopoly on sex appeal.

Sultan Iksander would rather lose his smoke than fall for Georgie, no matter how smart and brave she is. The human race are rivals to genie kind—and angels are just traitors! Rescuing his people is what's important, not getting tangled up in love triangles.

Only Connor believes in their chances for happiness. This angel knows love is worth fighting for, whatever form it takes.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 02, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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3 magically delicious stars for THE CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT.

Amateur magician Georgie, along with her legit angel boyfriend Connor and the sexy djinni Sultan Iksander find themselves in The City of Endless Night, working to gather power reserves to help them get Iksander home. Georgie is unreasonably attracted to the djinni, and she can't help but feel a little guilty at that, since she adores her boyfriend. But Connor is nothing if not adventurous, especially when it comes to sex, so seducing Iksander for both Georgie AND himself won't be a hardship. As their passions grow, so does the danger they're in, and when the trio has to fight their way home, they'll have to rely on the trust they've built with one another to succeed.

Having never read earlier books in the Tales of the Djinn series by the always fabulous Emma Holly, I was sadly unprepared for the beginning of this book. Eventually, I was able to get caught up to speed, but assuming THE CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT begins right as book 3 in the Tales of the Djinn series, The Angel, ends, I was utterly lost. Once the book got going (and the yummy threesome sex started happening), I got caught up in this book in its own right. Few authors can write MMF scenes like Ms. Holly, and I appreciated the care she took ensuring that Georgie, Connor and Iksander were true equals and not just out for fun. As fast paced and magical as the book was, I was super let down by the lack of excitement as they succeeded in leaving The City of Endless Night. It was glossed over and left me scratching my head as to why they just didn't leave earlier since it seemed pretty damn easy. Anyway, other than the hot hot hot MMF action and gorgeous descriptions of both characters and locales, this book really wasn't for me, and I don't think I'll be anxious to check out more in this particular series.

Bottom Line: Delicious MMF sharing; no condom use; BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; paranormal violence/murder.
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