Elizabeth Dyer
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Montlake Romance
Release Date
December 2017
Book 1 of Somerton Security Series
Contemporary Romance

When ex-marine Georgia Bennett left the military for high-end private security, it was supposed to soften her snarky attitude. Instead, her short fuse just earned her a punishment of an assignment: protect smart-ass tech genius and Department of Defense contractor Parker Livingston. It should have been easy—only no one warned Georgia that Parker was one seriously drop-dead-gorgeous geek.

The last thing Parker needs is a bodyguard, especially not one with killer curves and a sassy mouth who tempts him to do something incredibly stupid. He's too busy investigating whoever is turning his technology against him and threatening his team of covert operatives. But when an assassin sends Georgia and Parker running for their lives, it might just be the explosive sexual chemistry and the trust that's building between them that saves their necks. Because the only thing more dangerous than the combination of Parker's intellect and Georgia's aim is their steadfast desire to protect each other, no matter the cost.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Dec 21, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DEFENSELESS started out with what I thought was info dumping about Georgia's life, but I'm glad I didn't give up because the story picked up when she met Parker at the end of Chapter One. Oooh, Parker!! Parker is a geek, and he's super brilliant, but he doesn't have the typical geek profile. He's charming and can communicate like a normal human being. I find him refreshing due to the role reversal here, where Georgia (the bodyguard) is the badass and Parker (the tech guy) the damsel. It's also the first time where I read how the hero is "intimidated" and "deferred" to someone else, because he's not "physical" as the rest of the spec ops guys and also because his expertise is based on his brain. While it's disconcerting to read, we also really see Parker's growth here, both in his relationship with Georgia and individually as a person.

Georgia has been dealt a bad hand all her life and I find it admirable that she still came out of it with fists swinging and fighting for something better. She didn't give up, and she's so selfless, like when she turned back to go with Parker because she couldn't find it in her to leave someone (even knowing the danger she's putting herself in), the way she felt everyone in her life has left her. Her chemistry with Parker was off the charts; their intimate scenes (not necessarily of sex) were some of the best scenes in the book.

There was an equal mix of romance and high-octane action here, balanced with suspense and mystery and heart-pounding revelation. Would Georgia ever be the same when she found out the truth? I love Parker's care of her, even as he felt he would be jeopardizing whatever it was between them.

While Parker and Georgia's story is contained here, we see some threads for future stories and I can't wait to read them! It's a testament to the author's skill and storytelling that she can make me go from wanting to put the book down to finding it compelling to wanting the rest of the series on my hands now! In fact, book 2, Relentless, is out in June 2018 and I'll be first in line to get it.

Unforgettable characters, fast-moving, twisty plot, the beginnings of what promises to be an awesome series! You're missing out a lot if you don't pick this one up now. So make sure you get yourself a gift this holiday season. Highly recommended.
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