Breaking Grace

Rose Devereux
Breaking Grace
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Release Date
October 2017
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Two years ago, I murdered the love of Grace Garrett's life.

I had it all – a thriving company, money, women at my beck and call. Then I shot and killed James Winthrop. And got away with it.

His beautiful fiancé is ruined, so damaged she's destroying herself. And I'm the reason why.

Nothing and nobody can save her. Except me. Only I know how to help her start again. By wiping the slate clean. Breaking her down until she's brand new. And rewarding her obedience with the one thing she truly needs. Vengeance against me.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 02, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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3 destructive and broken stars for BREAKING GRACE.

Grace Garrett's grief is all consuming. Bram Russell stole everything from her when he killed her fiancé, and even looking at him brings up feelings of loathing and longing. When she escapes from her overbearing and crazy-religious family, she winds up kidnapped by friends of Bram who think they're doing the right thing. If Bram thought he wanted Grace before, it's nothing compared to how he feels now that he's got her under his control. He's determined to break her and make her his completely. She's isolated and alone in his home, 100% at the mercy of his whims and desires. He'll see to it that his desires are hers too, or he'll die trying.

Soooo, BREAKING GRACE. I fell in love immediately with the dark and dangerous feel of this book, but need to issue a major trigger warning due to some seriously hardcore kidnapping, touching, little girl/daddy talk, slavery and on and on. I didn't want to like this book and was severely uncomfortable during the entire thing. BREAKING GRACE pushed me so far out of my comfort zone and often made me cringe and get angry at myself for enjoying it even a little. Instances like the following decreased my rating, because the line of consent and abuse were so blurred:

I close my eyes and try to fall into the warmth of his arms. It's all right. He's forcing me. It's OK to be bad with Bram.


I can't be soft. She needs me to care. And the way I care hurts sometimes.

I slap her face. She whips her head back, her eyes burning into me.

So there's that. Also, there are a LOT of editing errors in this book, from Bram's internal monologue about the number of virgins he's fucked to his exclamation to Grace that she is his first. And the color of Grace's eyes were at least four different colors, or rather shades of green and blue. That's not even counting the sentence structure mistakes. I think those who enjoy harder-core books will adore this one, because overall, it was well written, it just wasn't for me.

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; no condom use; major BDSM/kink; sexual assault; violence/murder.
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