Guardian Unraveled

Georgia Lyn Hunter
Guardian Unraveled
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GL Hunter
Release Date
November 2017
Book 4 of Fallen Guardians
Paranormal Romance

From the scorching pits of Tartarus, a warrior emerges with a deadly need for more than vengeance…

A loner, Dagan, lives with an inexorable thirst he's kept hidden for eons, even from his fellow Guardians. Until he meets a beautiful, maddening human who awakens in him a hunger that shakes him to his very core, and threatens to shatter his tightly erected shields, exposing his dangerous secret. And wanting her is a path leading to destruction.

Driven to find her missing mother in a shadowy world, Shae Ion refuses to be sidetracked. When she becomes the target for a sinister force, a sinfully sexy and utterly impossible immortal abducts her, and he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Stuck in an isolated place with the reclusive Guardian who allows no one close, Shae struggles to control her burgeoning powers, and is unprepared for the tangled emotions he stirs in her. But passion has a way of obliterating barriers.

However, the road to happiness is strewn with treachery. Nothing is sacred or safe. When a ruthless old enemy resurfaces, and comes after Shae, they are drawn into a terrifying, supernatural battle. And not even Dagan, a lethal immortal warrior who'd lay down his life for her, can save her now…

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Nov 15, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It is his responsibility to protect others from the supernatural dangers many of them have no idea exist. He has spent an eternity making up for his mistake. His punishment has left him with a thirst he can not deny. He keeps his weakness a secret, even from the other Guardians. Finding her and needing to keep her safe changes everything. He now has someone of his own to protect. Their love is not easy but it makes living worthwhile again.

Dagan is from another time and place where gods ruled over humanity. He made a tragic mistake that cost him his place in that world. He got a second chance. He is charged to work for an archangel with other Guardians to protect the Earth from the dangers most are unaware of like demons and fallen angels. It is a lonely life for him without family or a mate and with secrets that keep him from forming friendships. Meeting Shae changes his world. He finds it impossible to resist his desire to make her his but he will have to fight others who share his interest in her and those who will kill to keep them apart.

Shae is a woman who has suddenly found herself in the middle of the supernatural world and a battle of epic proportions. In her quest to find her mother, she discovers family secrets that place her at great risk. Shae may not be as physically strong as Dagan and the other Guardians but she is just as determined to protect those she cares about. The Guardians offer her protection but she wants answers. She knows being with Dagan could give her everything she desires but she has to convince him to let her help save him from his own personal demons.

The good guys may wear black leather rather than white but you know them when you meet them. The series offers many different types of supernatural beings in the classic fight of good versus evil. You have angels, demons, gods and goddesses and many have very complicated agendas. They have existed for centuries and their power corrupts them. Good and evil fight for their agendas with everything they have. The villains tend to be very heinous and uncaring of how much pain they cause others. It makes the Guardians stand out in their desire to protect others without a personal agenda. It is easy to root for Dagan and the others who may have made mistakes but have no desire to harm innocents.

This third book in the Fallen Guardians series continues to offer complicated men who are drastically changed when they find their mates. Dagan, like the other Guardians before him in the series, has suffered many loses and has lived an isolated life focusing on making up for his past mistakes. These men are conflicted when they find a woman who needs their help and tempts them to pursue so much more. The richly developed characters are a hallmark of the series and really encourage the reader to want to learn more about them. As the story unfolds, their secrets come to light and you realize that it will not be simple for them to have a future together.

The Fallen Guardians series offers a classic theme of good vs evil with various supernaturals battling for power. I recommend reading the whole series in order as they do build upon each other but you can read them as standalones without feeling lost. The men who serve as Guardians to the Earth are complicated men who have lived long lives which have left them with a lot of pain and regret. They risk their lives to protect others but have a lonely existence until they meet the woman meant for them. Dagan is paying for a mistake and it has cost him everything, including his freedom. When he crosses paths with Shae, he has the chance at a different life. Their love is complicated by secrets and the agenda of others who want them for their own desires. It is a journey which offers the reader lots of action, plenty of surprises along the way and a romance that burns very hot.
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