Pieces of Stronghold

Golden Angel
Pieces of Stronghold


Golden Angel LLC
Release Date
June 2015
Book 2 of Stronghold Novellas
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

The Stronghold Doms and their submissives are anxiously watching as Jared and Leigh, both on the rebound from seven year, emotionally turmoiled, relationships take the first tentative steps towards something more than friendship. Leigh isn't sure she's a submissive, but she's intrigued and spending more and more time in the club. Jared isn't sure he can handle a relationship with yet another woman who can't fulfill all his needs, but he can't deny the sunshine that Leigh has brought back into his life.

With the past snapping at their heels, their friends worried about their futures, their choices could make or break the happiness of their entire group of friends.

This novella is told from multiple points of view, including Jared, Leigh, Olivia, Justin, Chris, Jessica, Patrick and Lexie. It can be read as a standalone, but is much more fulfilling when read as part of the Stronghold series. This novella contains BDSM, whippings, spankings, domestic discipline, and lots of hot, steamy alpha males and sassy subs getting it on.

Pieces of Stronghold is approx. 58,800 words long and includes a bonus mini-story that was released in a free newsletter for Christmas 2014 by YellowSilkDreams as a chapter from the point of view of Will and Gina.


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