The Denver Tryout

Liza Kay
The Denver Tryout

extasy books
Release Date
October 2017
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Can a holiday love survive the obstacles of real life?

Drew and Calvin are still very much in love and busy melding their lives together. With Calvin's support, Drew's artistic career has taken off. But the press seems to be too fixated on their age difference for Cal's taste.

Cal thought attending a book convention in Denver would be fun, besides being helpful to their careers. Spend a couple of days in a luxury suite, visit with old friends, meet some fans. But the week doesn't turn out quite the way he'd hoped it would.

Drew's time is not his own, between the fans and the demands of their publisher from the minute he reaches the hotel. Time and again, the time he'd hoped to spend with Calvin is cut short, through no fault of his own. Matters aren't helped when another author sets his sights on Drew, and their love is tested for the very first time.


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