Is She The One

Bob Boog
Is She The One


ths international
Release Date
October 2017
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Romantic Comedy, Young Adult Romance

Bob, a Los Angeles real estate agent is at the point in his life where he just wants to meet The One. But he hasn't had much luck thus far. He finds himself mulling over what exactly he might be doing wrong, what he may do to turn his luck around, and lastly, how in the world will he know when he finally meets that one special girl? A chance encounter with a psychic fuels his desire, so much more, leaving him ever so determined to meet his soulmate. This event sets him off on a journey filled with hope, disappointment and a ton of hilarious moments. Will Bob ever get it right and meet The One?
"True love comes in quietly – like the fog."
"I want to have a meaningful relationship with a girl, not a crummy one-night stand!"
Loving and leaving has no place here.
"Aw, don't sweat it, Bob. You won't be single forever. Think about it. One day you'll be dead!"
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