His Judgment

Piper Stone
His Judgment
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Blushing Books Publications
Release Date
August 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Lawyer/FBI Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Buried inside all of us are dark desires, some we refuse to acknowledge. But we crave…

I hunger for a powerful man, one strong enough to tame the woman inside. For highly respected attorney, Joelle Parker, the words had unleashed a hunger she could no longer control. Her days are filled with prosecuting monsters, vile men and women content on vanquishing the sanctity of innocent lives. Her nights are something else entirely. Fantasies of finding a dominating man, one who could yank away the tight confines of her conservative life, finally filter into her waking hours. Tasked with prosecuting a brutal and very political murder case, her needs are placed on hold—until a chance meeting changes everything.

Randolph ‘Craze' Mitchell is a loner, preferring long rides on his Harley to human companionship. A man of the law, he has a difficult decision to make; whether or not to run for a seat in the State Senate. Every aspect of his life is well planned, organized and exactly what he doesn't want. His dark desires, sexual needs encompassing kink and domination, are kept locked away. No woman can withstand his requirements. No one knows the real man or the secrets he holds. Painting is his only solace, he's come to terms with remaining very much alone—until a vivacious woman crosses his path, daring to push aside his tightly woven shield of armor.

The two enter into a passionate and intense journey, the question of consent never far from the surface. Both crave what the other offers, as well as concern about discovery, but they can't stay away. Every act shared pushes their respective boundaries, fulfilling their carnal needs, until reality thrusts them into the light of day—a blackmailer has surfaced. Craze is faced with a horrific choice, one that could end both of their careers. Can he use his best judgment or will he succumb to his personal demons?

Book Review by Knotty Reviewer (reviewer)
Oct 30, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Piper Stone has written herself one very steamy, sexy romance with HIS JUDGEMENT! If you like your love stories with a side of kink, then this book will definitely get your motor revving. It sure did mine!

Joelle Parker is a high-powered, take-no-prisoners prosecutor by day who works on high profile cases. But at night, she's a submissive looking for a dominant man to hurt her in all of the right ways and take total control. She tries to find that in a local BDSM club, but she follows a hot guy into a biker bar one night and finds she may have just found the dom of her dreams.

Craze gets off by using and hurting women through BDSM. He finds Joelle to be perfect to let out his beast to play, and she loves it. But since neither Joelle or Craze trade personal information, Joelle doesn't realize that Craze is in the legal profession as well, and when the truth comes to light, it might just destroy not only their relationship, but their careers as well!

This was a smartly written book with an ending that was a bit of a surprise. Piper Stone writes some truly hot and steamy scenes that may require the use of asbestos gloves!!
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