Lady Doctor Wyre

Joely Sue Burkhart
Lady Doctor Wyre
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Book 1 of A Jane Austen Space Opera
Alternate Universe, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Steampunk Romance

A dangerous technology could conquer the universe. Love could set it free.

Jane Austen Space Opera, Book 1

Charlotte, Duchess of Wyre, once held the Queen's highest confidence—and the technological secret that keeps the royal heart beating. Fearful of what atrocities that Britannia might commit with her research, Charlotte turned to the galaxy's most infamous assassin, Lord Sigmund Regret, to stage her own death.

Even without the simplest of luxuries, seven years hiding in the Americus colony is preferable to one day in the Tower of Londinium. Until a bounty hunter's bullet forces her to revive her research. Now the same nanobots that keep the Queen alive also run rampant in Lord Regret's body. Making his yearly Solstice visits increasingly…intimate…and complicating her courtship with the safe and honorable Sheriff Gilead Masters.

When the Americus colony declares independence, and her humble sheriff makes a shocking confession, Charlotte has had enough. Weary of running, tired of living without tea and silks, she fires a warning shot across Britannia's bow: cease hunting Lady Wyre, or lose the technological power the crown holds so dear.

Her next task isn't so simple. Somehow she must keep the two men she loves alive—and prevent them from killing each other.

Warning: Ladies in positions of power, stylish spaceships, BDSM. A ménage a trois featuring a duchess on the run, a gentlemanly assassin, and a rough-and-tumble sheriff willing to gun down anyone who gets between him and his lady.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jul 17, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I first saw LADY DOCTOR WYRE here at TRR, during the Sizzling Summer Reads event. I do believe it was the cover that caught my attention. I'd not read a lot of erotic science fiction books, in fact, I prefer to stay away from science fiction. But then, the blurb intrigued me, the short excerpt I'd read captivated me, and I decided, why the hell not? I bought it to read on my iphone, and I have to say, it's one of the best buys I've ever made. I enjoyed it a lot, as it engaged my interest, intellect and emotion.

Charlotte, Duchess of Wyre, is on the run from Britannia, whose queen wants her dead. Lord Sigmund Regret, a world-famous assassin, helped to stage her death and she went into hiding in Americus, a previous colony that had successfully rebelled against Britannia. For seven years, she lived in relative peace, except for the once-a-year meeting with Lord Regret, who satisfied her needs as well as she did his. She also made friends with Sheriff Gil Masters, and their friendship was such that one day, he proposed marriage. But how could she accept--though she longed to--when just being associated with her would mean his death? Then there's Sig...

Joely Sue Burkhart created a vivid historical world set in the far future or perhaps another world, where technology is so much more advanced than what we have right now. Balls, gowns, corsets, aristocrats, the Season--all serve to remind the reader of the historical era. Yet, the existence of nanobots and other technology, of the names like Britannia serve to remind us that we're dealing with an alternate universe in the future, where Britannia, Americus and Francia are the names of planets, and in this world, Britannia reigns supreme. It was also a time when women rule and hold the power. The worldbuilding is impressive and just incredible! It was so real it felt I was there, and the author lets the reader into her world and experience it without info dumping.

Charlotte is a contrast in study, a lady given to much fripperies such as silk stockings and silk gowns, yet underneath is a sharp mind and steel core. She's the technological wizard behind Britannia's technological advances, and if anyone is capable of handling two men, it is she.

Gil Masters is a great hero, for his devotion to Charlotte, as well as his sense of humor. I like how, in the middle of their lovemaking, when she seemed distracted by a weapon, he asked her, "Are you honestly more interested in primitive warfare than a man lying naked and ready beneath you?"

Sig, however, is that dashing, larger than life hero of romance novels. But he is not all he seems to be, and I love peeling back the layers to see who Sig really is. I could just cry when he revealed his story. He's an assassin, yes, but in this new, uncertain world, his skills are needed to keep Charlie safe.

One image that stands out in the entire story is the picture of pink silk stockings in a man's large hands and the dozen pair in the hold of a ship that's just been fitted with the latest in technology. I've also always wondered how two men could agree to share a woman, and I'm glad to see that Ms Burkhart resolved this in a satisfying manner.

The conflict was also resolved in this story, but I think Charlotte and her men have more adventures and stories to tell. I'm so glad I won't be seeing the last of them! The sci-fi aspect of the book is light and understandable to non-sci-fi readers and served to heighten the setting of the story. I love this book, and I'm looking forward to the next one in the series.
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