Beauty and the Gargoyle

Tamsin Baker
Beauty and the Gargoyle
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Release Date
October 2017
Book 2 of The Gargoyles of New York
Erotic Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

During the last attack on him and his brothers, Rafael Mansovich was turned into a monster. His face and upper body are badly scarred, and the PTSD of the attack has left him trembling at the idea of being frozen in his Gargoyle form every day. But he has no choice because as soon as the sun rises in the morning, he is transformed into a real, stone beast.

Isabella is the head librarian at the New York City Library, and she loves her quiet life away from the corporate rat race. But when she meets a spectacular man with silver eyes and an attraction she can't fight, she's thrown into a world where winged creatures are being hunted, and shifters are a very real thing. Can Isabella's love reach Rafael, or will her heartbroken beast not care if his attackers find him once more?

Book Review by Knotty Reviewer (reviewer)
Dec 18, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BEAUTY AND THE GARGOYLE is the second novella in Tamsin Baker's The Gargoyles of New York series. I really enjoyed the first one, so I decided to try this one out as well, and I certainly was not disappointed.

This book is about Raphael, or Rafe, who was hurt in book one when the gargoyles were attacked a month earlier by someone wanting to destroy them. The attack has left Rafe with lots of scarring, especially on his face, and has turned him into a hermit when he's not guarding the library as a gargoyle.

His friend's mate gets bored and takes a job at the library where Isabella works, and through Krissy, Rafe gets to meet Isabella. They are attracted to each other. Bella turns out to be his beloved, but can she accept him, scars, gargoyle, and all?

This was a sweet, romantic quick read. And proof that beauty is only skin deep. A wonderful story in the series and I certainly hope there is more!
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