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Lyn Gala
Mafia and Magics
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Loose Id
Release Date
September 2017
Book 5 of Aberrant Magic
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Angel Zamora has always looked out for numero uno, even after getting sent to prison for robbing a convenience store at knife point. But now two crazy feds show up to tell him he has undeveloped magic. And they want him to inform on a group that has been recruiting and disposing of magic users. When Angel agrees, he expects to play the feds until he can make his own escape plans.
However, once he's inside the mafia and developing his Talent, he starts to realize that he's not as concerned about his own skin as he is young Matteo. The only son of the mob boss Mr. Luschese, Matt is even more trapped than Angel. His hot temper, disdain for authority, and deeply in-the-closet attitudes are all so familiar that Angel aches for the young man. A relationship that starts with Angel seeking one more potential advantage quickly turns into Angel's worst nightmare--a deep sense of commitment to another human being. Escape routes are closing, and Angel fears he is going to end up one more body dumped in the river...and if Angel plays this wrong, Matt could die with him.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Nov 27, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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New characters taking the lead in this story is a breath of fresh air! Angel Zamora is a convict almost done paying his dues in jail. Right before he is released, he is brought into a tangled web by two FBI agents. What's worse than telling him he could be dead right after he is released? Being told he needs to go undercover for them as an asset. Are they trying to get him killed? Angel is used to conning people so he leaves his options open and agree to help out the FBI. He is going to disappear and just avoid anyone offering him a job. This book can be read as a standalone. The first four books would help a reader understand the world better and recognize cameos from characters in the first four books.

I like Angel with his street smarts and pragmatic attitude. His is a criminal due to circumstances. He grew up in an environment that gave him little opportunity to survive. He may have a strong sense of self but his morals are questionable because he lives in shades of grey. Plus, he learned from a young age that no one will look after him. He needs to take care of himself. So it is pleasantly surprising to see Angel's journey in this book.

Ms. Gala tackles a difficult situation. What happens to ex-cons? It is not like they can just get a job when they have been released. With little to no options, even after they have paid their debt to society, it is easy to see how they return back to a life of crime. There are no easy answers in how to solve this issue. And it's easy to see how Organized Crime can effortlessly pull in the smart criminals. I have mixed feelings in this story because I can't condemn the choice Angel makes. In addition, the mob boss, Mr. Luschese, offers a lot in return for what he demands. He is also a man of questionable character, but he is fair with what he asks. The difference between him and other non-criminal bosses is that he enforces the consequences to people's poor choices. And if he is crossed, people are punished violently and physical. I'm conflicted because I do not see this as necessarily wrong. Sure, it is wrong to physically hurt someone, but at times, this is what it takes to get the message across. Angel gets this and even if he doesn't like something, he is an adult and is clear about his orders.

This story is a perversion of right and wrong and I like how it questions if the ends justifies the means. I also like how young idealistic characters receive a hard slap upside the head. Ms. Gala does a nice job of showing how naivety does not exempt one from life's consequences. Also, how even family is not exempt from the rules in a mob. Perhaps others will feel bad and sorry for Matteo. I do not. He is foolish and lucky that Angel took a shine to him. Matteo's privileged life gives him blinders which needed to be ripped off. He is let off too easily from the consequences of his actions.

Whilst this may be a romance story between Angel and Matteo, I'm more interested in the continued world building and specifically the Spirit Guide's interest and interaction with this world. Previously, it seems as if witches, people with Talent are just a sidekick, small potatoes to Shamans. With this latest book, it appears that may not be the case. This renews my interest in this series and hope the new story arc will share more about the Spirit world and the council. If it features more characters in this world, that would be magical. This paranormal romance is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy anti-heroes with questionable ethics.
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