Unknown Desires

Jax L. Kramer
Unknown Desires
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Changeling Press
Release Date
September 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, New Adult

The instant attraction Michael feels toward his new Dominant, Mr. Johns, only grows stronger each day. Spending time together in the dungeon is always a fun, unique, and unpredictable experience. Only Mr. Johns can take him to places he's never known existed. The pleasures of pain and the highs of sub-space were once unimaginable, but now Mr. Johns truly owns him body and soul.

For Michael the most startling emotion is the fear he feels when he's earned a punishment. Although punishment is meant to be feared, Michael is more afraid of being dismissed. He's certain each mistake is a step closer to being sent away. No punishment could ever hurt as much as Mr. Johns giving up on him.

Is it possible for Mr. Johns to have any real feelings for Michael, or is has Michael set himself up to be hurt worse than ever before?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Nov 21, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A newly trained submissive is matched up to a dominant, and to his surprise, the dominant is a man, not a woman. Michael is a nineteen year old who has lost his way. Raised by an aunt and grandmother, Michael missed a male role model. It seems the Domme training him has found him not only a good male role model, but a man who can love him the way he needs.

Michael is really just a young boy. He is naive and untouched. Meeting Mr. Johns who is years older and a successful businessman is intimidating. First, Michael feels out of place. Second, Michael does not know if he wants to be with a man or not. Third, what if he fails at being a good submissive; does it mean he will be tossed out? This story is probably better categorized as new adult based on the youth and innocence of Michael.

New to me author Ms. Kramer pens a sweet kinky erotica. It is a lovely journey for a young man awakening to his sexual desires as well as his submissive tendencies. From a kink perspective, this tale is better for the romance kinky readers. Whilst the kink was close enough to reality, it still leans closer to the rosy coloured-glasses romance. With an exclusive kink club and training programs that match young submissives with their perfect master, it is a sweet fantasy.

Michael is the focal point of this story and he is such a darling boy. I wonder if I was ever this sweet - doubtful. He is loyal and worries about failure. It seems his self esteem and perception of himself is shaken due to a specific event in his past. He never moved on from it; he just ran from it. Fortunately, this coming of age tale helps Michael move on and actually wipe the slate clean, so to speak. This sweet erotic romance is recommended to m/m readers looking for a Gateway to BDSM book.
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