The Hike

John Inman
The Hike
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
September 2017
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Ashley James and Tucker Lee have been friends for years. They are city boys but long for life on the open trail. During a three-hundred-mile hike from the Southern California desert to the mountains around Big Bear Lake, they make some pretty amazing discoveries.

One of those discoveries is love. A love that has been bubbling below the surface for a very long time.

But love isn't all they find. They also stumble upon a war—a war being waged by Mother Nature and fought tooth and claw around an epidemic of microbes and fury.

With every creature in sight turning against them, can they survive this battle and still hold on to each other? Or will the most horrifying virus known to man lay waste to more than just wildlife this time?

Will it destroy Ash and Tucker too?

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Dec 19, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mother Nature converts a romantic getaway into a run for their lives chase in this full of surprises story.

For best friends Ashley and Tucker, a hike from the Southern California desert is the perfect opportunity to discover and take pleasure on the love they have for each other. But when the creatures they found in their way start acting in an unusual way, the romantic time they plan to share become something so much sinister than what they were expecting.

It was a great book but I struggle a lot at the beginning. For a long time it seem like the book didn't exactly match its description and it was very past the middle of it when everything start to make sense. From that point I was captivated by it and it was really hard to put it down. It starts very slowed paced with a big contrast in the last pages when everything is so exciting. I loved the unexpected humorous tone it had at times, some odd jokes aside, it was really fun. The plot was good, I loved some of the surprises it had, some interesting and unexpected events that kept me on the edge. The first half of the book centers on their relationship, which was nice but I'll admit I liked more the second half of it when it was mostly mystery related.

Ash and Tuck are nice characters. I don't think I got to know them entirely but I did enjoy them as a couple. They were really cute at times and seemed perfect for each other. I liked them both as much although there were moments when they seem younger than their actual age. The secondary characters were also great. I was particularly fond on Hanna and Cho. It was lovely to see how much Ash and Tuck care for them.

Overall, it was a very interesting book with some mystery and a bit of actions involved. I would recommend this to readers looking for a fun adventure.
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