Pretzel Logic

Tymber Dalton
Pretzel Logic
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Siren Books
Release Date
April 2017
Book 49 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Brita was a cop, until an on-duty injury while protecting a child forced her retirement. Now her days are spent teaching firearms classes, shooting skeet, and doting on her young niece, Jordan. She knows her relationship with Ethan is for life, it's just a matter of forcing her brain to label it.

The moment Brita got shot is forever seared in Ethan's memory. She's the woman he loves, but he's no dumb Dom. He's patiently awaiting the day she can finally accept he's not going anywhere.

Then an incident during a school outing, where Brita makes a split-second call to protect Jordan and her classmates, changes life forever. Legally and morally, Brita made the right decision. Unfortunately, the man's rabid fans paint a bulls-eye on Brita via Jordan. When Brita disappears in hope of protecting her family—and her and Ethan's secret lifestyle—he knows he has to find her. First, he has to catch the bastards stalking her.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Nov 28, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When it's love, waiting for the right time could take years. In this book, Ms. Dalton shows how patience can finally pay off. This book can be read as a standalone in the series.

Ethan is a sexy dom who happens to be a cop. Two of my favourite combinations and it matches up to Brita's favourites too. Brita used to be Ethan's partner until she was injured in the line of duty. Her injuries force her to retire on disability. For someone whose life is more or less defined by their job, this crushes Brita. Unfortunately for Brita, she already has mental issues due to a past altercation that makes it even more difficult for her to be with Ethan.

Brita is a complicated character. At times I wanted to smack her upside the head and demand why she is putting Ethan through so much anguish. Does she have to be so selfish? The title of this book explains Brita. Her logic makes no sense to those of us who are straightforward. Brita's brain takes her down a twisted rabbit hole and screws her up. She basically ties herself up and makes her fears more or less come true. Self filling prophesy is something Brita completes all too often. This side of her, I cannot fathom and it's because I'm not in her shoes. I pity her.

Yet in other ways, Brita is amazing. She's a wonderful aunt and she is a protector. She wants to protect others. Her view of herself is as a defender and I think sometimes, this is what causes her psychosis. She is too hard on herself and places herself last. And this is what is sad and depressing about Brita. She isn't pathetic; she needs help.

Still, Brita does a kick ass job taking care of her niece, Jordan. I'm with the characters in this book. I hate pranks and the one pulled in this one is all too easy to see happen in real life. What jerk goes around dressed up like a monster with a huge knife to scare children crossing a street? Brita's reaction to this threat is awesome! I admire her skills and how calmly she took down the threat.

What I liked about this story is Ms. Dalton's not so subtle messaging about self doubts, pranksters and trolls. These are three issues I see in society. How this story plays out in what happens to people in these scenarios is admirable. It may be hard to witness and stand aside as a strong person wrestles with self doubt, but it helps to see from their point of view. Ms. Dalton does show both points of view with pranks. I tend to lean more towards why it is bad and a disaster waiting to happen. The last one, trolls - it is a sad commentary of our society that we allow people to behave so badly. More consequences for these keyboard warriors turned bullies would be sublime. What happened in this story gave me utmost satisfaction.

This story contains little kink. It is a love story more realistic with the ups and downs. This erotica novel is recommended to readers who enjoy stepping into someone else's shoes.
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