Rub Me Raw

Tymber Dalton
Rub Me Raw
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
June 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Tired of being an object instead of a partner, Simon forces his ex to move out after hitting his emotional limit and realizing the man only wants him for wank fodder. An introduction to Victor by friends helps Simon shut the mental door on his ex for good and long to explore all the delicious Domly things the handsome realtor wants to do to him.

Victor moved to Florida for a fresh start far away from his ex. He's looking for an open and honest subby guy. His instant, scorching attraction to Simon is only intensified by the fact that he can actually get some decent sleep for the first time in weeks when with the man.

But spooky events and shocking revelations force Victor to move from his temporary digs and in with Simon. Now, it's make or break time. Can Simon handle Victor full-time in full-on Dom mode, or will both men be rubbed emotionally raw yet again?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 15, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Back to smexy manlove getting it on! This can be read as a standalone and it is deliciously kinky. Simon is a sweetheart and a submissive who enjoys serving. This does not mean he should be taken for granted and be a free housekeeper. When Simon finally comes to a realization that he is receiving the short end of the stick, he ends his year-long relationship. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Go Simon!

After the past few books in this series which were quite downers, it is nice to have a break with two men getting their kink on. Yes, there are a few baggage issues for Simon, but for the most part, this story focused on the budding romance. The romance between Victor and Simon. They are perfect for each other as Victor is a dom who is looking for a faithful submissive. Preferably a submissive who is also out to the world and doesn't want to hide the relationship like a dirty little secret.

The kinky scenes in this story are sexy and make me drool. I can visualize the two of them together as Ms. Dalton's descriptions are vivid and colourful. Be still my rapidly beating heart. It is not all fun and games as Simon's ex does make a couple of appearances which are shocking and disturbing. It always surprises me when a former lover goes stalker crazy. Having never experienced this phenomenon, I just can't seem to comprehend it. Unfortunately for Simon and Victor, they are tangled up in it and it makes for a rocky ride.

This glimpse into the expanding kink family is heartwarming. I love seeing cameos from other characters just as much as I enjoy reading about the club. This series is one I'm hooked on and I kind of hope it never ends. Recommended to m/m readers who enjoy kinky relationships.
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