See You Sometime

Tymber Dalton
See You Sometime
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
August 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance


Divorced from her Master husband of fifteen years, Skye moves back to Sarasota to live with her parents and rebuild her life. New job, new kinky friends, and she reconnects with her D&D buddies from high school. Including her old boyfriend, Axel.

Axel's been divorced for a couple of years and realizes he's pretty much given up on dating. He also knows most of his D&D friends are kinky, and they assume he's a straight-laced guy. When Skye returns to his life, he doesn't dare hope there might be a possibility they can make things work now that they're all grown up. Or can they?

Sometimes, the second chance is the sweetestůand the one best able to destroy you. Axel soon realizes if he can't figure out how to give Skye what she needs, there are plenty of guys who will. But if he has to say good-bye to her a second time, he's not sure his heart will recover.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 22, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Finally, a feel good story after a pounding of angst in this series. Skye is moving on to better things, coming back to Florida. Excited to read about her re-connection with a high school crush, I am humming happily. Then Ms. Dalton pulls the rug out from under me. *shakes fist in the air*

This story starts out so fluffy and fun. Skye meets up with Axel through their group of friends playing D&D. This geek element makes me smile, even if I don't know how to play D&D. Having friends who do play D&D, I can understand how great it can be for people to get together and play it. The glimpses into the game may sound Greek or geek so to speak, but it is hilarious to me.

Skye and Axel's chemistry when they reconnect is delicious. The flirtation and sensual tension is great. Even Axel's interest into kink is all looking up. It is nice to see a story from a potential new dominant's point of view. Of course, Ms. Dalton must throw a kink in this smooth sailing relationship. Skye is a heavy impact masochist. Maybe not as much as author Candace Blevins' masochists, but pretty serious. Axel who is raised not to hurt women starts to back away from the lifestyle.

This situation is real. There are times where couples are not compatible in their kink and it can destroy a relationship. Whilst Axel's physical reactions to Skye's impact play are a bit extreme in my opinion, his emotional responses are spot on. The way Ms. Dalton tackles this issue is not my preferred method. Are we boiling a lobster or a frog? The lobster is thrown into a boiling pot of water and screams as it does and tries to get out of the water. (Yes, the screaming sound is not really vocally from the lobster.) Or if you place a frog into warm water and slowly raise the heat until it is boiling, the frog never jumps out because it becomes accustomed to the heat. Whilst these are extreme analogies, Ms. Dalton introduces Axel to Kink with the hardest Skye likes to play. There are pros and cons to this because it forces Axel to really think if he can handle it. The con is that it is so shocking, it may be so traumatic of an experience that he decides to just break up with Skye.

The slow method which I prefer has pros and cons too. The pros is that it slowly introduces kink and gets a little harder and more intense. It builds it up for a newbie. However, the con is, perhaps it never gets to the level and it may take longer. Which one is the better? It's hard to say. It really depends on the person.

Personally, I felt the characters in this book all ganged up on Axel and I didn't like it. Landry is probably the only one who was more patient and better with Axel. His gentle touch helped and if there is anyone to learn being a dom from, Landry is the one. Tilly is a like a mack truck and her behaviour towards Axel made me like her a little less. This story did end up with a happily ever after but it really could have gone sideways fast. This kinky romance is recommended to readers who want to see from a newbie dominant's point of view.
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