Tymber Dalton
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Bob discovered the joys of serving a dominant woman in college. Later, he felt adrift and alone, until he started seeing Mistress Cardinal. For three years, he faithfully followed her rules, secretly in love with her, thinking he'd never be more than her client.

Until the day he realized he was more, and Tilly opened a little of her heart to him. Happiness had literally been within his grasp, until Tilly's ex, Cris, and his Master, Landry, entered her life and swept her away. Despite the pain, Bob still loved her, and jumped at any chance to play or serve her. Even submitting to Landry, the man who became her husband.

But what happens when a tricky sadist has a sneaky plan of his own? What happens when Bob has a chance to cross that borderline from plaything to pet? Can he accept Landry's terms, or will he have to walk away from the only woman he's ever really loved

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Dec 28, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What about Bob? When Bob first appeared in The Cardinal Rule, he came across as an afterthought. Because really, he is a paying submissive to Pro-Domme Tilly. What really could come out of that relationship? What's more is, I loved Cardinal Rule and the happily for now ending broke my heart. I have always been a Cris fan. Yes, Landry is sexy hawt. And Tilly I'm iffy about. Bob though, who the heck is Bob? Years later, brokenhearted and resigned to a life of watching from the outside, we finally learn about Bob. This book is a continuation of a couple of previous ones, but it is fine to read as a standalone.

Whilst I love the attention given to Bob in this story, I'm a bit mixed at times. He is a submissive male who enjoys women. He loves to submit to women. Getting involved with Cris and Landry is a bit odd for me. The way Landry sneakily tests Bob's heteroflexibility makes me feel a little ill at ease. Still, it seems to work for Bob. He is getting accustomed to Landry's behaviour modification as well as sexual conditioning. Seriously, what masochist doesn't drool a bit at the thought of submitting to Landry, gay or not?

This story takes a few painful strolls down memory lane. Bob becomes a character with more depth as we learn about how he comes to his lifestyle. And how he misses out each time or gets screwed over. Instead of just a cardboard stand in, he takes on a life that makes me sad for him. Not that I pity him, but more that his yearning for something just within his reach each time that gets yanked away, it is like a bitter pill. His wistful memories of the first woman who tuned him into submission compared to the forlorn depression when Tilly kicks him to the curb is hard to witness. The song, Mr. Cellphone, describes him.

Cellophane, Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name, Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me and never know I'm there

Fortunately, Landry has other plans and it starts to take shape in this story. Spoiler alert, it does not complete in this story, because Ms. Dalton is also a sadist like Landry who enjoys keeping readers in suspense. This erotic romance is recommended to readers who like seeing the quiet and nice guy finally get noticed.
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