A Case of You

Tymber Dalton
A Case of You
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Life is starting to settle down for Brandon, Jeff, and Stuart. Raising a teenaged daughter frequently tests the limits of Brandon's patience, until he meets some of Stuart's family. Now he understands why Stuart craves the stability of their unusual poly pack.

Stuart doesn't want to miss his sister's wedding but he's terrified of his oldest brother. It's hard not to worry about their safety. Add becoming a parent to Emma, and Jeff's health issues, and Stuart's stress is through the roof.

Jeff knows his guys love him. Yet when a chance to return to work comes along, he's desperate to take it so he doesn't feel like a mooch. Only one problem—Emma and Grace will rat him out if his health tanks again. Can he juggle a job and a severe, chronic health condition? Worse, when danger rears its head, can he protect his family?

Add Grace and her barbecue fork of doom, and life proves even more…interesting.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 02, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Back to the adorable trio: Brandon, Jeff and Stuart, the unfinished business is resolved in this book. When we last left off with Brandon, Jeff and Stuart in ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES, Jeff was sick and Stuart was still estranged from his family. In this one, we meet Stuart's family and it is an eye opening experience.

Stuart has been bullied by his older brother all his life. What he doesn't realize is that his other brother and sister have also been bullied and don't care for him. Sometimes seeing the family from a different perspective and with supporters, makes a world of difference. Ms. Dalton perfectly captures Stuart's increasing anxiety as his sister's wedding draws closer. For a non-confrontational person like Stuart, this worry could make him ill. Fortunately, Brandon is there to support him in addition to Stuart's sister's new in-laws. The wedding and the confrontations were spectacular. The righteous smack downs were trademark Ms. Dalton style. I loved it!

Whilst all of this is happening, Jeff is still determined to define his self-worth through his career. It takes a humbling experience to finally set him straight. I feel bad for Jeff. So many men (and an increasing number of women) define themselves by their job. Losing the job or not able to work can cause them to spiral out of control and into depression. Fortunately for Jeff, his family loves and supports him. Not everyone is so fortunate.

Just when it seems this story comes to a satisfying end, Ms. Dalton throws a curve ball which is spiked and hilarious. Grace once again steals the show and she is magnificent. Her dialogue and her actions are memorable. No one will ever forget Grace. She is my favourite character in this series. I can not wait to see her all grown up and getting her own book.

What I also enjoyed about this book is how it went light with BDSM. This is a nice balance because being in a kinky lifestyle isn't balls to the walls BDSM day in and day out. Showing complicated relationships and kink whilst raising a family are nice glimpses into reality. This erotic romance is recommended to mm menage readers who have a soft spot for introverts and deadly pint sized females.
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