Never Too Late for Love

Tymber Dalton
Never Too Late for Love
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2017
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Bob never dreamed he'd have a chance with Tilly once Landry entered her life. Now he's faced with the chance of forever with not only Tilly, but Cris and Landry, too. He's never wanted anything more, and will do anything to convince them he means it.

Cris always knew Landry was sneaky, but this takes the cake. He enjoys watching the metaphorical chess game between Landry and Tilly. Meanwhile, he's determined to forge his own bonds with Bob.

Tilly knows Landry is an ethical sadist, but still isn't sure why he's so okay with adding Bob to their family. She can play the game as well as the sneaky sadist can. As Landry works to convince her this new world order won't destroy their carefully balanced dynamic, she knows they have to get things right or risk not only their hearts being broken, but their daughter's, too. Is this really perfection? Or is heartache hiding just out of sight?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 24, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Bob finally receives his happily ever after. This is the love story we've been waiting for and it is so good. Bob is constantly the third wheel in a relationship... or 4th, 5th. Bob tries to find love and hasn't found the woman who can do for him what Tilly does. As Bob enjoys submitting and with Landry and Cris in the mix, he is finding that he needs more than a female to dominate him. Landry's been modifying Bob's sexual desires to hunger for cock. In some ways I'm still a bit mixed and disturbed with how Landry manipulates Bob. What keeps me from feeling icky is the fact that Bob is a willing participant. He is not an adamant heterosexual nor is being forced into a sissy or cuckold role. This is a complicated love web with each person in this four-way having a special relationship with another one. At times it makes me want to run a relationship permutation calculation to see how Bob relates to Landry, Cris and Tilly.

Ms. Dalton is a master when it comes to creating working complicated relationships. It is not filled with stardust and moonbeams. There are no unicorns running around, shooting out rainbows. It is hard work with communication foul ups as well as hurt feelings. Through all of it, trust is built up and the nontraditional family created is a beautiful artwork to witness.

I really enjoyed this book because not only did Bob get his happily ever, but Landry, Cris and Tilly all found their missing piece too. Whilst the established threesome was deliciously good, adding Bob only enhanced their lives and it helped keep their busy work schedule straight. With an odd number in the relationship, there seemed to be always one person left alone. Now with an even number, there is always two happy pairs, no one is left alone. This romance is highly recommended to readers who have been wondering what happened to Bob.
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