Planning Christmas

JD Corbett
Planning Christmas
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Release Date
October 2017
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Christmas is coming. Fast. Too fast for Type-A over-stressed, Paige, who is planning the ultimate holiday. This year, Christmas has to be perfect. This year, she is meeting Aaron's parents for the first time. Armed with a list of to-do's, she is ready to tackle every detail from finding the biggest and best tree right down to choosing the type of font on the Christmas party invitations. Unfortunately, Aaron does not see the "big deal"; after all, "it`s only Christmas". Therefore, Paige must enlist the help of her best friend, Jack if she is going to get everything done in time. With all of her planning, what could possibly go wrong?

Book Review by Adelaide Rose (reviewer)
Feb 15, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"I want to be so much more than friends." She tilted her chin up toward him and pressed her lips to his. Years of anticipation released in that one perfect moment.

A heart-warming, friends-to-lovers story, PLANNING CHRISTMAS is a whimsical novella that follows one woman's journey toward the true meaning of the holidays.

Paige is an energetic and strong-willed young woman who wants nothing more for Christmas than to impress her new boyfriend, Aaron, and his family, with her flawless domestic skills. She dreams of sipping hot cocoa around a Blue Spruce, sharing flawlessly wrapped presents and enjoying the smell of roast duck drifting through an immaculate apartment. All of which, she believes, will strengthen her relationship and bring their families closer together.

With her task list in tow, she makes meticulous plans for a holiday party that is certain to be remembered, from the invitations to the gourmet desserts. Unfortunately for Paige, Aaron doesn't share her vision for an ideal holiday. Preoccupied with work, he leaves Paige to implement her plans alone and fails to recognize her efforts to create a magical Christmas experience.

To make her dream party a reality, Paige recruits the help of her childhood best friend. The handsome owner of a local restaurant, Jack, respects her vision for an idyllic holiday and never fails to come to Paige's aid when Aaron lets her down. However, Jack soon begins to wonder if Paige will ever come to reciprocate his feelings for her and, despite her attention to detail, Paige's plans rapidly go awry as a series of misunderstandings and disasters threaten her dream holiday.

PLANNING CHRISTMAS is a light, easy-to-read holiday story with legitimately humorous moments and a wonderful message that emphasizes family and emotional connection over commercialism.

In an Instagram-era in which women are increasingly pressured to create a photo-ready image, JD Corbett's humorous deconstruction of holiday glamor is uplifting and refreshing.

Though there were a couple of small editing issues, they did not detract from the work. The only concern I would express regarding this charming story is that I would have enjoyed a bit of additional character development.

Though we receive some information regarding Paige's childhood and motivations, I think some readers may long to learn more about our hero, Jack, and, overall, it would be fun to have additional information about the background and concerns of the characters.

Notwithstanding, I think that enthusiasts of clean romance, chick lit and holiday love stories will appreciate the upbeat tone and affirming message of PLANNING CHRISTMAS and I look forward to reading additional work from this promising, emerging author.
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