His Only Love

Lizzie Ashworth
His Only Love

Release Date
November 2017
Book 3 of Caerwin of Britannia
Erotic Romance, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, LGBTQ

Treachery of the worst kind unfolds on the border of Rome's grip in Britannia, a frontier fortress at the River Severn where the army's tenuous hold teeters in the balance of old loves and vicious rivalry.

Greek slave Antius has held onto the hope that someday the love of his life will love him in return. But that man, Legate Lucius Antistius Marcellus, ranks high in the social circles of Rome, and Antius is in no position to make demands. Since Marcellus has taken a savage Briton girl to his bedchambers, hope is slipping away. Antius has nothing left but to agree with Silverus, tribune of the 1st Cohort, that Marcellus risks not only his future but the future of Rome's Legio XIV Gemina under his command.

But Antius knows that Silverus has a private agenda regarding Marcellus, even if the two men can't renew old relations within military ranks. As Saturnalia dawns and the legion prepares for the midwinter celebration, Antius faces the disaster he set in motion. The Roman governor over all Britannia will soon arrive at the remote fortress. As legate, Marcellus must welcome the governor with full Roman hospitality. Because of the note Antius sent, the governor will demand the captured Briton woman.

Marcellus doesn't react kindly when he learns of Antius' deception. Suffering his beloved master's wrath, Antius turns to his beautiful young slave Quintus. For months he has waited to deepen that relationship, savoring each moment of the youth's company. As Antius stumbles through the cold wind and hurries toward Quintus' shelter, he hopes to carve out a few hours of pleasure in Quintus' fireside bed.

What happens when Marcellus punishes Silverus and Antius for their treachery? Can the relationship Antius holds so dear survive his master's fury?


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