Of Fog and Fire

Jennifer Bene
Of Fog and Fire


Release Date
August 2015
Action/Adventure Romance, Alternate Universe, BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

A girl from the wrong side of town. A man with too many secrets. A city on the brink of a revolution.

Part I
Phee has always had her head in the clouds, living her life with one foot in fantasy and the other in reality. Unfortunately, fantasies don't pay the bills. At least her waitressing job beneath the glittering glass towers in the heart of the city gets her out of the dreary fog south of downtown so she can see the sky.

When Bryant Holbrook shows up, it's like he fell right out of one of her daydreams. Gorgeous, playful, and wickedly dominant - Phee can't turn away from the challenge when he asks her on a date.

But there's more than just imaginary dangers surrounding this wealthy and privileged sex god. As the lines start to blur between fantasy and reality, there's no turning back no matter how dangerous her world becomes.

Part II
The world is new, the government is new, her view of the city is new, but Phee is still the same. She was never cut out to be the smiling, quiet girl on the arm of a politician - too wild, too fiery, and too brave for her own good.

Bryant has his own challenges as he fights to better the city while taking his feisty submissive in hand - because she seems completely unable to hold her tongue no matter what punishments await her.

When Phee defies Bryant's wishes their story comes to an exciting, rollercoaster conclusion that will keep you turning the pages to see if Phee's rebellious spirit will ruin everything, or if this king and queen of fire can save the day one more time.


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