A Million Decembers

L. B. Joyce
A Million Decembers

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Release Date
November 2016
Book 1 of Twelve Months, Twelve Love Stories

Anna wants everyone to just leave her alone.

She's accepted it. Her life is never going to be the fairy tale she'd always dreamed about. This was more than obvious with the way her last relationship ended in such a horrible mess. In fact, if she stopped to think about it, the past year had been pretty much of a disaster.

So for now, she's going to push any thoughts of love and happiness completely out of her mind. But in order to accomplish this, she first has to get through the month of December. Only then will she be able to put the whole terrible year behind her.

She decides to put all of her time and energy into launching her business, getting her hand-painted ornaments into the boutiques of Chicago. When the response is far more than she could have hoped for, she takes this as a sign she is finally on the right path in her life. And she vows the best way to do this, is to do it alone.

But along comes Nicholas, traveling all the way from London. With the support of their mutual friends, and completely unknown to Anna, he is on a mission. This all stems from his belief that fate has stepped in, sending a sign to both of them they shouldn't ignore.

Totally unprepared for something like this, his world up until now consisting of business deals and corporate mergers, he slowly goes about trying to convince Anna to see the magic that awaits them.

But it seems they're off to a shaky start. With one setback after another and what seems like Anna's unwavering resistance, Nicholas seriously begins to wonder ... will they ever find the love that has been promised to them?
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