Rock Paper Scissors

Tamela Miles
Rock Paper Scissors


Broken Publications
Release Date
October 2015
Fantasy Romance, Horror Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a compilation of previously published stories by Tamela Miles, including four new short horror stories....

Carin has somewhere to be, but she's not leaving before she handles some unfinished business with pop star Billy Chambers.

Ten-year-old Vanessa feels unloved and abandoned by everyone. Unfortunately, her new hobby is nothing less than deadly for those around her.

Zach is the kind of man who loves love and believed that he had found his perfect match in Naomi. What happens when he is pushed to his limits after he suffers a crushing disappointment?

Aldous, a former Marine, lived a fairytale life with his wife until a tragic accident leads him into the darkest pits of human despair. He discovers that some things can't be forgiven and, if he has to pay the piper, he won't be paying alone.

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