Habitat for Human Remains

Scott A. Lerner
Habitat for Human Remains
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Camel Press
Release Date
November 2017
Book 5 of Samuel Roberts Thriller

Genre: Paranormal suspense, urban fantasy, mystery

For the forces of evil, Sam Roberts is catnip. Even during periods of calm, Sam knows that evil is just biding its time before challenging him again. So when he is asked to defend a wealthy shut-in charged with murder, he is suspicious. Why is the largest and wealthiest law firm in town hiring an outside attorney who is a sole practitioner to represent Mr. Blake May?

Sam's client resides in the sublimely creepy Frost Home, a "haunted" mansion given a wide berth by the residents of Champaign, Illinois. The house has been engulfed in rumors of death, missing children, and mystery since before the Civil War. Blake May is accused of not only murdering his girlfriend but decimating the remains until they look like marinara. But the agoraphobic middle-aged man rarely, if ever, left his rooms. If he indeed killed Heather, why can't the police find a murder weapon?

Everyone seems to want Blake declared insane rather than acquitted. Sam and his buddy Bob Sizemore know that Heather's grizzly fate can't be blamed on something as mundane as murder. There is a force at work in the house, and it seems to emanate from the mirror hung in the room where the remains of the body were found. Can Sam and Bob end the Frost Home's eerie legacy of evil?

Book 5 in the Samuel Roberts Thriller series.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 21, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HABITAT FOR HUMAN REMAINS by Scott A. Lerner is a Samuel Roberts Thriller and my first story by this author. I absolutely loved it. Bob and Sam should be nicknamed the Abbott and Costello of the paranormal because their dialogue had me grinning the entire time.

Likes: There are so many, where to begin. Oh, Bob's movie choices as a means to explain what was going on as well as his thought process were fabulous and I'm itching for a movie marathon now. The absolute quirkiness of the characters were downright ticklish. As an example: "He laughed. 'Old dolls, soft tofu, uni, masks, lenticulars, lentils, and episodes of Clutch Cargo all give you the heebies.' Or this one: 'Uni is made of the gonads of a sea urchin,' I said, 'and that is just plain creepy. In addition, everyone gets the heebies from a cartoon with people's real mouths.'"

Then, let's add in the creepiness of the Frost house, the plethora of bad guys all vying for superiority in some capacity or another, and the absolutely brilliant ending and you have the makings for a fabulous night because once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.

If you are a fan of Scott Lerner, then chances are I'm preaching to the choir but if you're like me and haven't read any of his Samuel Roberts books, then start right here. You won't be disappointed.
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