My Wild Duke

Eva Devon
My Wild Duke

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Release Date
December 2018
Book 8 of The Duke's Club
Historical fiction

An Unlucky Lady:
Lady Beatrix Westport was once destined to be the most successful debutant the ton has ever seen. Now, it is all she can do to recover from the brutal coaching accident which killed her entire family. Now, she has only one purpose. Continue her family line and secure her father's earldom. When she meets Captain Duke, who awakens her heart and desires, she knows he's the best choice for husband. But will her dedication to her duty destroy her only chance at love?

A Wild Duke:
Captain Adam Duke loves adventure and justice. After spending his entire life working to free slaves, he comes to London to open offices. When he meets the wounded Lady Beatrix, he immediately feels a deep connection to her and longs to free her from her pain. But he refuses to be just the stud she longs for. Can he convince her to choose a life of love and adventure or will her broken past drive them apart?

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Jan 25, 2018
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One unfortunate aspect of the regency period had been a woman's inability to inherit property. This is the situation for Lady Beatrix Westport is facing; a woman who had once been the most successful debutant British high society had ever seen. But now, due the tragic demise of her entire family in a vicious accident while traveling in the coach, she now has a sole purpose for her life, which is to continue her family's lineage and her father's earldom, by marrying the appropriate individual.

Everything seems to be going smoothly towards this end, that is until she happens by chance to meet Captain Adam Duke. When this happens, a part of her which up to now had remained dormant, the part which causes the emotional part of a woman's heart to burst open and begin to bloom, the part which tells her that the guy she's looking at tells her he's your HEA.

Captain Duke's family owns a shipping line, which is why he's in London, so they can open an office there. This guy's a lady's man, and when he sees Beatrix in the park she intrigues him enough that he approaches her. The more he talks to her, the more he senses a somewhat profound connection between them, as well as the pain she's feeling because of what's happening to her; and he develops a strong desire to free her from this pain.

There's a lot of conflict going on here. On one hand, we've got Beatrix who is torn between going with or heart, or going with the responsibility she has to her family's ancestry. On the other hand, we've got the Captain who desires to convince Beatrix to accept the true love and adventure he can offer her, instead of merely being the hunk she's always dreamt of having.

In the end, we'll either have two broken-hearted individuals, or we'll a couple deeply in love with each other without any regards to anyone or anything else. Which path will Beatrix's and Adams' wind up taking. You've to read this book to find out. In the meantime, I've given Ms. Devon 5 STARS for her endeavor here.
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