Seasonal Shenanigans

Caitlyn Lynch; Liv Honeywell; Maya Bailey; Annika Steele; Jennie Kew; Dana Kenzi; Suzi Frewin; Moxie Rivers; Cailin Briste; Tricia Ramey; Shoshana David; Nikola Christain; Kiera Fox; Ava Bari
Seasonal Shenanigans


Shenanigans Press
Release Date
December 2017
Book 5 of Seasonal Shenanigans
Erotic Romance

14 sensual seasonal tales!

A holiday anthology of 14 hot, erotic stories, with everything from Regency romance to contemporary, and even some scifi. You won't need to light a fire this winter, because these stories will definitely bring the heat.

By Caitlyn Lynch, Liv Honeywell, Maya Bailey, Annika Steele, Jennie Kew, Dana Kenzi, Suzi Frewin, Moxie Rivers, Cailin Briste, Tricia Ramey, Shoshana David, Nikola Christain, Keira Fox, Ava Bari.

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"Seasonal Shenanigans = Hot, Hot, Hot"

"...something here for everyone, you get a little bit of sweet, plenty of sexy and some that will just melt your Kindle."

"Truly awesome read - something for everyone."

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Jan 24, 2018
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While all of us look at Valentine's Day, February 14th, to be a special time for romance, whether it be a first love or a second chance one, every woman is longing to find that special guy, a guy she can have her long desired HEA with; most of us have forgotten that the holiday season about Christmas as being the second most popular day for romances to come into bloom. The holiday season includes the Winter Solstice, Chanukah [there's multiple "correct" spellings] and of course Christmas; and this wonderful holiday anthology with 14 well known and loved romance authors cover all three of these holidays.

I truly love to read anthologies, especially when romance is a key element to each story, and when you add in the winter holidays, as I've said in the above, how can you go wrong.

This anthology offers a wide spectrum of all the romantic subgenres we love to read, from those sweet love at first sight to a hot, steamy, BDSM, how can you go wrong. Animal lovers get a chance to read how an abandoned box of kittens brings two neighbors together when the woman is at a lost at what to do with them. Sci-fi romance lovers get two chances to read their favorite genres, one where the two protagonists are on a spaceport, and the second involving two strangers up against aliens out to ravage the Earth's resources. Can Kismet bring two individuals together, well if you love this type of story there's something there for you as well.

As you can see there's a strong possibility you'll love reading at least a few of them, and at a price of 99 cents for 14 short stories, it's a can't lose situation. This anthology offers romance readers a chance to venture into reading a romance subgenre they've haven't read before, and to possibly enjoy discovering authors they've never read anything from before.

So if you read only one story a day, depending on the holiday, these stories will either get you through the holiday, to the holiday itself, or get you into the spirit for the holiday for when it actually arrives

All in all, given what I've written in the above; I'm happy to give all the authors and the short stories they've contributed to this collection 5 STARS and hope you'll enjoy reading what I've read.
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