Talk To Me

Cassandra Carr
Talk To Me
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Loose Id
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Radio producer Jamie MacMahon is in over her head with ex-hockey player-turned host Drew Milan. She's attracted to the man who earned the nickname "the Beast" during his playing days from the moment they meet, but he's her boss and she loves her new job. She's made plenty of mistakes with men and loathes the thought of being yet another plaything for Drew, a man who sleeps with women but doesn't date them.

Drew doesn't want to lose a great producer and knows Jamie deserves a real relationship, but can't stay away from the sizzling chemistry they create every time they're together. Jamie's insecurities and the very real prospect of having to leave a great job if this thing doesn't work out clash hard with Drew's fears about opening his heart and the possibility of losing his first competent producer. Nothing's going to get resolved if one of them won't say it: "Come on, baby, talk to me."

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: D/s elements, fetish, spanking, strong language ("dirty" talk).

Book Review by Rebecca
Jul 01, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Cassandra Carr's debut novel, TALK TO ME, is a well-written, funny and sexy erotic story of falling in love. Ms Carr wove the sexual tension and interludes so seamlessly into the story that they were not just delicious but also necessary. With a consistent pace, the story of Jamie and Drew progressed naturally as the reader felt a sense of presence within the story.

Radio producer Jamie MacMahon moves to New York City to work with radio show host Drew Milan, a retired NHL player. There's an instant attraction between them but since they are co-workers, they both fight their desire to become more than friends. But then they begin spending more and more time together, on air and in the studio, and the sexual tension builds. The interaction between the characters is fun with playful dialogue and the reader actually feels the emotions in the air as their connection begins forming.

Still they fight the connection… While Jamie has made mistakes with men in the past, she doesn't want to be another one of Drew's playthings. With the nickname "the Beast", Drew is well known for his prowess as a man who sleeps with women but doesn't date them. He knows Jamie deserves a real relationship and though he can't give that to her, he also can't fight the chemistry between them. When he catches her in a provocative situation, Drew gives in to his desire and the sex is nothing short of explosive. These scenes are sensuously descriptive and so well-written, the reader is drawn into the room with the characters.

Despite giving in to their desires and exploring the connection between them, both harbor insecurities that cause them to pause at the thought of a relationship. Jamie's own insecurities with her past relationship failures and fear of losing her job compete with Drew's worries about losing another woman to whom he opens his heart and possibly losing a great producer if their relationship doesn't work. Readers could easily feel for the characters as they struggled with their insecurities to find a way to their happily ever after.

TALK TO ME is a sexy story with the added bonus of having more depth than most. Readers will easily relate to the theme and be cheering the characters on as they discover love in a place neither thought they would.
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