Smooth-Talking Cowboy

Maisey Yates
Smooth-Talking Cowboy
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Harlequin Books
Release Date
February 2018
Book 1 of Gold Valley
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

Welcome to Gold Valley, Oregon, where a rough-and-tumble rancher and the girl next door are about to learn that opposites attract

Olivia Logan has a plan: win back her ex by making him see what he's missing. But first she needs to find a man who's willing to play along. With his laid-back cowboy charm and knack for getting under her skin, Luke Hollister is an unlikely hero—but he wants her help convincing her father to sell him land, which means he needs her as much as she needs him.

Luke likes his life—and his women—uncomplicated. So why does good girl Olivia heat his blood like no one else? She's always been off-limits, but the more time they spend as Gold Valley's hottest new "couple," the more real it's starting to feel. Luke was supposed to help her win back another man…not keep her in his arms. But now that he has her there, he's not sure he'll ever let go.

Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Feb 15, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Falling in love with the wrong man has never felt so right...

Olivia had a plan for her life and it didn't involve breaking up with the man she intends to marry. However, that's exactly what she did after her boyfriend failed to propose to her over the holiday. She thought he just needed to see what his life would be like without her. Unfortunately, he hasn't come running back to her as she had hoped. So it's time to be proactive and show him what he's missing.

Luke has tried his best to ignore the pull he feels to Olivia, especially since she's always been off-limits to a man like him. But when she needs his help in making her ex jealous, he can't help but volunteer to be the man of the hour. He just never expects to get swept away so easily by a woman who he thought hated him. And when their little scheme starts to work, Luke begins to wish Olivia would choose him instead.

This first book left me extremely hopeful for this new series. I highly enjoyed it. Olivia was an odd yet intriguing character. Despite her overly proper nature, she had some skeletons in her closet and a hidden wild side. Luke may seem like a carefree man with no secrets but he was really just putting on a show for everyone as well. These two brought out the best in each other and it was entertaining to watch.

The plot was amusing with the plan to win back her ex by pretending to date Luke. I have to say that I don't yet know what to think of Bennett. I met him in the previous series and wasn't sure about him then either. I wanted to like him because he seems like a nice guy, but I'm suspicious about his relationship with his coworker too. Just something for me to ponder while I wait for his story to come in this series.

I loved the romance with these two. It didn't take long at all for their chemistry to get the better of them and things to turn steamy. The banter was adorable and kept me smiling. Even after a moment of passion, they would go back to teasing one another. I never once considered putting the book down to do something else. I was glued to the book and invested in the story from the first page.

In closing...
I can't wait to see what comes next in this series. Five stars!
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