Love in the Air

Adam Mann
Love in the Air


Butterfly Books
Release Date
December 2017
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Adam Mann has written over thirty romance stories under the imprint Butterfly Books. In many cases the heroine comes from Asia, but this is partly because that is where he has been working in remote areas for over thirty years. Adam admires the resolve and determination of these ladies from Asia even in challenging and problematic circumstances.
Most of his stories are partially derived from his personal experience and also based in locations that he knows as he's lived and worked there.
He freely admits that his imagination makes up a good proportion of each of the stories. He's often found that romance is not always hard working boy meets good looking girl and they live happily ever after. Most of his characters are a bit more battered in their lives before they meet, so their circumstances and incentives are much more clearly defined.
Most of Adam's stories are about twenty to thirty thousand words, so not very long, and cheap to buy at Ninety Nine cents and easy to read.
Adam Mann is the pen name for romance books written by Mike Lord.


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