Flight to Avalon

Alexis Martin
Flight to Avalon
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2011
Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Captain Tiana Trevor, blinded by revenge, has been hired to track down her old flame, Blade Masterson. Lost for weeks in the wilds, Tiana and Jasmeena, an alien assassin from Jaxon, finally stumble upon Dragon Tongue, a rare flower that turns men into sex-starved monsters. The whole crew is affected by the yellow spores, and Tiana and Jasmeena find themselves at the center of a ravishing they will not soon forget.

Tiana finds Blade on the rust-colored planet of Othella in the Avalon System. In an effort to block Blade from her mind, she uses two burly ship mechanics, Jagger and Dirk, to satisfy her needs. Meanwhile, Jasmeena, a beautiful blue alien woman from Jaxon, eventually finds Blade in a seedy tavern and seduces him with hardly any effort. Her assassination plans are put on hold after she and Blade engage in a wrestling match that quickly turns into much more.

Blade escapes Othella only to be captured by his former love, Tiana, who subjects Blade to her special form of torture while they journey back to their home planet. Only then does Blade divulge his true feelings for Tiana and his real motivation for stealing the amulet.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jul 11, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Spurned lover, Captain Tiana Trevor exists with only one goal in mind - kill her ex-lover, Blade Masterson. Blade cheated on her with a princess and ran off with a priceless royal jewelry. The king has contracted Tiana to retrieve the jewelry and bring Blade back for trial. This is a perfect job for Tiana. She's paid to carry out her revenge.

In this slightly science fiction short story, Ms. Martin adds a bit of intrigue to her nonstop sex scenes. The sex scenes with aliens were pretty hot. One of the scenes induced by a mind-altering flower was especially hot and fun to read. The dynamic between Tiana and Blade is a bit cooler. Tiana feels her anger and hurt is justified. Blade says he's remorseful but he has valid reasons, which prevented him from sharing his burden with Tiana. The reader is left uncaring.

There are several reasons why I rated this book a three. If the sex wasn't as hot, I would have dropped it to a 2 star. Here's why. The world building was quite slim as was the development of each character. The princess came across as a shallow, spoiled nymphomaniac. The king was the stereotypical over indulgent father doting on his motherless daughter. Tiana and Blade's relationship was based solely on sex, nothing else. The only interesting character in the story was the alien, Suzwa.

While I did enjoy the sex scenes, they didn't really add to the story. Most of them felt forced as if Ms. Martin was checking off each sex act as requirement to a hot story. The sex scenes did not added additional insight or depth to the characters. Still, the scenes were hot and what carried the book. The happily ever after ending was predictable and ended with a funny yet anticipated twist. I recommend this book for those interested in some hot alien sex scenes with a happily ever after.
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