Heavenly Pleasures

Isla Dennes
Heavenly Pleasures
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Totally Bound Publishing
Release Date
January 2018
Book 1 of For Heaven's Sake
Chick-lit, Romantic Comedy

Who would have thought a group of working girls would help Brooke find not only herself but the love of her life, too? But at Heavenly Pleasures, quite a lot of things are possible…

Meet Brooke, a self-confessed shopaholic turned reluctant brothel receptionist, as she stumbles through life, trying to live up to her parents' and fiancé's high expectations—at the cost of her now low self-esteem.

Who would have thought a group of working girls would help her rediscover her inner strength and finally tackle her personal demons? But at Heavenly Pleasures, the rules are made to be broken and new opportunities are just around the corner…

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Feb 05, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What's a girl to do when she accidentally dials Brazil and racks up a mobile phone charge in excess of four grand? Why take a job in a brothel as a receptionist to pay it off.

Likes: As someone who both fought and acquiesced to parental involvement in the planning of my wedding, I admit to thoroughly enjoying the motherly meddling that was taking place and more than once giggled (somewhat maniacally). Ah, wedding planning: "It felt as though I'd been mown down by a herd of wild buffalo and left bleeding and battered, wondering where the f*** they'd come from." I also really enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the women.

Dislikes: The beginning of the story dragged for me and I kept wondering when it would pick up. It did.

Overall, this is a fun story. While I knew what the premise was before I began reading, I still found the interactions between the different characters enjoyable and I loved when Brooke found herself and started standing up for herself against the bullies. This story has a bit of everything: Shopaholic, bullies, friendship, and of course, love.
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