Maid to Order

Penny Birch
Maid to Order
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Xcite Books
Release Date
January 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Maids, secret worlds behind closed doors, and good old fashioned punishment for bad girls - Penny Birch hits the spot again with the preoccupations her readers love.

Penny's niece, Jemima, is in disgrace and has been sent away to work in a hotel for the summer by her scheming step-mother - a woman who delights in dishing out bare bottom spankings. This is no coincidence. Not only is the hotel owner the notorious Morris Rathwell, organiser of the kinkiest parties in the country, but Jemima also met the hotel manager, Mr Hegedus, at one of Rathwell's debauched parties. Then there are the hotel guests, her fellow staff and the truly appalling Mrs Hegedus to contend with. So that by the time Jemima is dressed up in her severely abbreviated maid's uniform, she knows she's already in serious trouble.

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Jul 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Do you enjoy a bit of spice with your sex? Perhaps a little bit of spanking to whet your appetite? Jemima says yes to both, but she's upset that her father's new girlfriend seems to think she's going to be her stepmother. This was a summer Jemima will never forget as Danielle treats her like a dirty naughty girl in need of discipline. To top it off, Danielle wants to punish Jemima with bare bottom spankings.

Jemima is coerced into working at a resort for Danielle's uncle as a maid. Danielle, her father's girlfriend, set it up so that Jemima is used more than a maid since Mr. Morris, a deviant kinky pimp, owns the resort. While Jemima does clean the rooms and serve as a waitress, she has two types of maid uniforms. When she's ordered to wear the naughty maid uniform, she knows she's going to be spanked and screwed all evening or weekend long.

In the course of the summer job, Jemima experiences all sorts of deviant and degrading sexual acts. She is constantly humiliated which embarrasses her yet turns her on. She's turning into a wanton whore for Mr. Morris as she does accept money for her extra work. Her Aunt Penny tries to prevent her from crossing the point of no return. Jemima rejects her aunt's aide; instead she dives straight into more depravity.

Jemima is treated like a slut by all and she acts like one too. Ms. Birch adds onto her existing kinky world filled with spankings, taboo sexual acts, femdom and maledom. Ms. Birch's wicked mind describes detailed and graphic sexual acts which can arouse even the jaded BDSM readers. She creates a wonderful fantasy where a young girl is corrupted and revels in each taboo sex act. Reading about Jemima's descent into disgrace is delightful. I recommend this book for those looking for the rougher and naughtier kinks.
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