One place or another

Caelie Manerston
One place or another


Caelie Manerston
Release Date
January 2017
Book 1 of The Oakway Bay Series
Contemporary Romance, Literary Romance, New Adult

Alyx knows what she wants. Her life is currently a complete mess, but her future is all planned out. She knows that soon, she'll get back to the life she once had no choice but to give up on.
Or so she thinks.
The day Noah drops anchor in the small town she never left, her dreams get as blurry as her needs. And if the voice of reason shouts at her to stay away from this gorgeous man's unfailing smile and overwhelming intensity, her heart quickly starts to scream louder, begging her to get closer.
But is she ready to let her heart lead her toward something she wasn't expecting?

Noah swore off love a long time ago. A painful betrayal isn't worth years of love, there's no doubt in his mind. Especially when the said years end up being nothing but a lie.
When Alyx enters his life, looking at him with those sapphire eyes that seem to be shining with smiles and tears just as much, he's confident he can resist her. And not only because he never gets attached anymore, but mostly because Oakway Bay is only a stopover in his traveling life.
But is he ready to accept the fact that this sweet, sensual girl will soon be nothing more than a memory?

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