Caelie Manerston

Caelie Manerston
Release Date
June 2017
Book 2 of The Oakway Bay Series
Contemporary Romance, Literary Romance, New Adult

Most of the time, Kylie knows she made the right decision leaving the only place she's ever considered a home. It doesn't always keep the loneliness from settling down on her chest with such a heaviness that all she wants is find her way back home.
But every time, a sharp twinge squeezing her heart reminds her why she has to stay away.
Abel hates her. She knows that, too. How could he not? The idea alone makes her want to cry until she falls asleep. But at the same time, she can't imagine him ever stopping. She even dreads that day, because losing that resentment also means forgetting about her.

People often say it's when you lose someone that you realize how essential their place in your life was. It happens all the time, as though no one has ever been able to learn from so many others' mistakes.
Abel sure hasn't learned a thing from them.
Now, Kylie is gone while he's still here, left with not even the ghost of a clue about how to find her. That's all he can think about: finding her and bring her back home. Make her his, just like he should have done three years ago.
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