Kara Lowndes
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Loose Id
Release Date
November 2017
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Urban Fantasy

A small-town lesbian in the big city. It should be easy. Except for Ruth, it's anything but predictable. Born with powers she can't explain, she escaped to the sprawling metropolis of Dollar to figure out why she was endowed with her mysterious gifts. But, three years later, she's none the wiser--until she gets hit by a car and a mysterious nurse named Killian comes to her rescue. But Killian has a dark past that she's desperately trying to leave behind and, as a dangerous organization uncovers Ruth's secrets, they must fight to keep their intense romance alive.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
May 15, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Superpowers should come with a manual and a group to join. Unfortunately for Ruth, she is left aimless wandering around trying to figure out what to do with her newfound powers. Would a group come for her and ask her to join their secret society? After a few years of learning nothing new, Ruth is now in a new place. Leaving her small hometown is easy since she's a lesbian with very slim pickings. In a large city, perhaps she's be able to find a partner and maybe help out as a vigilante. Except, Ruth is kind of a klutz and is terrible as a vigilante.

New-to-me author Ms. Lowndes seems to be just starting her writing. This book contains a decent plot and a hook in for the reader. It does move a little slow at times. Ruth and Killian's interaction is one of the redeeming parts to this story. With a Jessica Jones/X-files feel, there are more questions to this story than answers. There are threads which are left hanging. My only guess is this is the first in the series and Ms. Lowndes will be adding more world building in the next book.

This book sets the stage. There are people looking to experiment on people like Ruth. What Ruth and the reader doesn't understand is where these people are coming from or funded by whom. In addition, is there a group which combats these covert researchers? Many questions and no answers before the story ends. My hope is that Ms. Lowndes will continue on and reveal more about this world and those who have special powers. This romance is recommended to readers who enjoy supernatural themes.
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