Saved by her Vampires

Doris O'Connor
Saved by her Vampires
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
January 2018
BDSM, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Everyone knows that happily ever afters only happen in fairy tales. Real life is cruel and painful. Bianca may fantasize about the two hunks in the shadows, but that doesn't mean they'll ever notice her. Men as sinfully sexy as the two brothers won't want a crippled redhead like her.

The New Year has always been a painful reminder for Bianca. She helps out at the annual orphanage's fancy dress fundraiser to help chase away her demons—until it's time to leave.

When Sister Maria insists that Bernhard and Archie escort Bianca home, the events that follow change her life forever. The hottest sex she's ever had cannot account for the changes Bianca sees in the mirror. Vampires aren't real, right?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), double penetration, anal sex

Previously published in Evernight's Just Vamps anthology

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Feb 14, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Life is always simpler in fairy tales. Good trumps bad; and there's always a happy ever after. Unfortunately, real life would never mimic a fairy tale, especially for Bianca. Having suffered through so many years of painful physical therapy to learn to walk again after the tragic accident that killed her parents, you would think that would be the worst of it; but no, she also had to endure bullying by her classmates. Yet, real life, while a hindrance, doesn't seem to get her down and Bianca has love to share through her volunteer work at the orphanage. Having overdone it at the fund raiser that evening, Bianca was preparing for her walk home when Sister Maria suggests that Bernhard see her home. Except, it isn't only Bernhard, his brother Archie comes too.

Loves: Holy smokes, both Bernhard and Archie are absolute sex on two feet (four feet?)! Where one is tall, blond and serious, the other is tall, dark and lighthearted. Dark and light simply waiting for Bianca to balance them out. I also loved how Doris O'Connor used the night and weather to give off a menacing air and then balanced it with the safety of her vampires, because, well, they most definitely become HER vampires. Bit of a spoiler, but I absolutely loved how Bianca thought some of her initial interactions with the brothers was nothing more than a dream.

Doris O'Connor's SAVED BY HER VAMPIRES is a shorter story but if it were any longer, you'd catch fire reading it, it's so hot.
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Book Review by Knotty Reviewer (reviewer)
Feb 19, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Doris O'Connor's SAVED BY HER VAMPIRES is a novella that is packed with sexy vampire menage goodness. I'll admit that she's one of those authors that I have to read her books as soon as they hit the shelf, and this book was no different. I was hooked from word one and couldn't put my e-reader down until I was finished, it was THAT awesome!

Bianca is a woman who lives in constant pain thanks to a car accident she had when she was a child. She wears a leg brace and wakes up daily to the debilitating pain, but it doesn't stop her from working with the children of the orphanage all day long. Sister Maria, the nun who runs the orphanage, insists one night that she have one of the men that help with the children walk her home. Bernhard is a tall, blonde, blue-eyed hunk. He also has a brother Archie, who is tall, dark haired, and equally hot. They both walk her home, and after asking to be invited in, start their seduction. What follows is enough to make you need the air conditioning on because it's so hot! And those love bites? Well, they are a bit sharp.

You'll definitely want to keep the ice bucket around for this one because it's just so, so, steamy!
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