Partially Broken Never Destroyed 3

Nat T Hill
Partially Broken Never Destroyed 3

TaiLorMade Books
Release Date
January 2016
Chick-lit, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Keeping a Side Chic in Check Ain't Easy, But Somebody Has to Do It
Is it for better or worse...Or from Better to Worse...

Kayla and Bryan are trying to find a happy medium in their relationship. Unfortunately, people they dealt with in the past won't allow it. Bryan is adding more skeletons to his closet while Kayla is trying to keep hers suppressed.

The forbidden fruit is up for grasp and temptation is too heavy to resist. Dirty secrets become the foundation to a relationship that was doomed from the beginning. With all the lying and sneaking around going on, the wedding they're planning may turn into a funeral.

...BRILLIANT READ!!! This novel is certainly not what I was expecting: it was funny and gripping and emotional...
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