Roy's Jaguar

A.M. Halford
Roy's Jaguar
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2018
Book 1 of Cherry Matchmaking Agency
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Roy's life takes a turn for the bizarre when he finds himself in a coma after a car accident and must make a deal with Cupid to return to his body. He's a virgin with a connection to the supernatural, which makes him a prime candidate for what Cupid has in mind. The god wants Roy to mate with a jaguar shifter and have the man's children.

Nexus, the Regulus of his clan, has been given a deadline to find a mate or be challenged for his position. Desperate, he turns to Cupid and the Cherry Matchmaking Agency to do so. He's already had to kill one close friend for the title he now holds, and he doesn't want to have to kill another.

Roy and Nexus's life together gets off to a rocky start that isn't getting smoother anytime soon. Someone is plotting to remove Nexus from power, and they plan to use Roy and their unborn babies as leverage to do so. Can Nexus keep Roy and his unborn children safe amongst the danger surrounding them?

Book Review by Fiorella Mauro (reviewer)
May 15, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A lot of effort is required to keep ROY'S JAGUAR about what it is intended to be about. Author A.M. Halford waves a magic wand to make the story work, and continues to wave it whenever anything like a marital challenge arises for Roy and Nexus. Wedding cold feet? Wave the wand. The many tensions likely to arise when strangers marry the day after meeting? Wave the wand.

Whenever a better novel threatens to break out of the confines of ROY'S JAGUAR, it is magicked away in service of a ticking clock that is evidently immune to wands: the challenge on Friday. Nexus may have to kill a member of his family on Friday, and is trying to avoid it.

Everything has to happen before Friday, in service of the plot. And SO MUCH has to happen. The amount of incident crammed into those few days is startling, particularly because a lot of it has no bearing on the plot at all. More time is dedicated to groceries than to unfolding the crucial relationship between Nexus and his sister, our villain.

And the fact that the story does not end on Friday, which is in fact followed by a series of time jumps during which there is no action at all, raises an obvious question: why did ROY'S JAGUAR have to be structured the way it was?

Characterizations are thin. Roy starts out in a problematic place by being a sassy pint-sized Latino cliche, but there is potential even there that is allowed to slip away. (Where's my side novel about Great-Grandpa and his brush with the jaguar men? I may start a petition.)

Nexus is the imperious Regulus, accustomed to getting his own way, for about twenty seconds. Then he too bails out in favour of being schmoopy, instantly devoted, even servile in caring for Roy. Nexus's history as Regulus, the key that turns over the engine of ROY'S JAGUAR, is left mostly unwritten.

Nexus's family, the guillotine poised over the neck of ROY'S JAGUAR, suffers from a lack of air time that makes it impossible to care whether Nexus kills one of them or not. We hardly see them and learn almost nothing about them. There are zero stakes.

His sister Maria comes freighted with the most unanswered questions. So much was possible with Maria. Some of it was necessary. Add it to the pile of stuff worth reading that was left unwritten in the haste to wrap this story up by Friday.
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