Delayed Valentine

M. Jane Colette
Delayed Valentine

GENRES were made to be BROKEN
Release Date
February 2018
Book 2 of Text Me, Cupid
Contemporary Romance

Meet Will and Florence. He's freshly divorced and in denial. She's twice-burnt and prickly. They're a terrible idea. They know this. But every time their eyes meet, their clothes come off.

Delayed Valentine is the second "episode" in Text Me, Cupid, a (slight dirty) Love Story for 21st century adults, featuring a hero and heroine with a painful past, a complicated present, and... well... what's going to happen in their future?

Meet Florence:
"I've done this before, looking for a partner or soul mate or someone-to-grow-to-love, and you know what? I'm done with that. Honestly. I'm just looking for some casual sex. A one night stand. Specifically, during December, because it's a weird season."

She's shallow:
"I don't respond to creeps, children, married men, or fat people. Sorry. I am that shallow. I might consider couples, if you're both fit and cute. (Shallow. Really shallow. I'm not kidding about that.)"

She really is that shallow:
"You're not teasing about the hair? I can do bald, but only if it comes with killer abs."

This is Will:
"I'm reeling from a recent divorce and incapable of having a meaningful relationship. The only upside to my situation is that after fifteen years of monogamy I get to chase all the strange I want."

Will has plans:
In this head, she was already naked. Was she going to be covered with freckles? God, yes—freckles everywhere. He would find every single one.

Did I mention, Will has plans?
"See, I've only known you for five minutes, and I already know you like to be in control. We're going to change that."

Florence likes him:
"You're very sweet. And cute. Totally as advertised. Fit. Hair. Also, as tall as your profile said, which is a bonus. Do you know that almost all men on dating sites like about their height? They add two inches. And not just to their… you-know-what's. Seriously."

But it's not going to work out:
"You're so sweet. So hot. But it's not going to work out. I already know."

Or is it?


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