As Flame to Smoke

Eris Adderly
As Flame to Smoke


Kindle Direct Publishing
Release Date
January 2018
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

A Demon. A Priest. Blasphemy.
Serah can almost taste her immortality. Only a final challenge from The Fallen stands in her way. Seduce a single, pathetic priest out of his vows, and the Initiate can reap the promised rewards of a dark, vast power.

Father David Kent hangs on to the purity of his thoughts some days by a thread. He only wishes to serve, to teach, but when will he learn to control himself?

Out of the rain one night, a young woman staggers into his chapel. Dripping wet, clothes plastered to her curves. Red hair like sin, wide eyes trying to swallow his soul. Parted lips begging, "Please."

Father Kent doesn't stand a chance.

Serah is counting on it.

Note: This unholy journey through paranormal seduction includes graphic descriptions of sexual acts combined with religious material in a way some readers may find offensive. If blasphemous content is not for you, please turn away from this story and into the light.


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